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    Mineral Eyeshadow Storm

    Mineral Eyeshadow made in Australia. Storm is a Grey Blue colour. Be as dramatic or soft as you like from MiSMo

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    Storm is a grey blue shade, just like a deep storm cloud. Versatile for all ages. Use as a soft wash over the eyelid for a soft look or go dark for a more dramatic look. There is more blue than appears in the image.

    Add a drop of water to your brush and you have a charcoal eyeliner, or dry using an angle brush gives eyes definition and the smokey look. A light wash over the lid gives a soft blue grey which is a great alternative if you've already lived through the blue lids of the 80's.

    For older ladies, a flattering look is to line only the outside third of the bottom lid very close to the lashes. With this style, Makeup artists recommend either one third or two thirds never stop the line in the middle of the lid.

    Mineral Eyeshadows are fine for sensitive eyes. There are no synthetic ingredients to cause irritation.

    Mineral Veil makes the best starting point for eyeshadows. The eye is quite oily and Veil provides a great base. It's a good idea to apply a light coating after application to anchor everything in place - before using mascara.

    TIP! If you have spillage below the eye simply flick it off with a clean brush, don't wipe
    Ingredients: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Iron Oxides
    Shake a small amount of eyeshadow into lid. Dip the shadow brush into the minerals and tap off excess. Apply eyeshadow in short strokes rather than drawing long lines. Short strokes will adhere better.


    1. You can wet the brush and pick up minerals and apply with an angle brush or tiny fine brush, OR

    2. Take a drop of water, pick up minerals in brush and add to water and mix. Makeup artists do this on the back of the hand.

    To set really well dust the eyelid with Mineral Veil.

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