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    BOOST Oil Free Moisturiser

    Oil Free Moisturiser with Hyaluronic Acid by MiSMo. Perfect for oily and blemish prone skin. Great Men's Moisturiser too, only $40

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                                                                                                                     The best oil-free moisturiser on the market and it's natural!


    • Improve the texture and appearance of your skin
    • Soothes and relieves irritation
    • Never feels heavy or oily - there is No oil
    • Skin saviour in the tropics
    • A Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer
    • An ultra light oil free moisturiser that feels like Silk
    • Fantastic for men as an After shave/Moisturizer
    • Perfect for blemish prone, combination or oily skin types 
    • Super quick absorbing
    • Will not clog pores
    • Will minimise lines

    BOOST 50ml is a state of the art formula not available anywhere else in the world, but we can share that secret with you.

    Tip! Make a beautiful tinted moisturiser by mixing a little of your mineral makeup with a pump of BOOST.


    • Men's skin care as an after shave/moisturiser - use over the whole face and neck, that includes foreheads guys!
    • Women who have combination or oily skin
    • Teenagers who are looking for a light moisturiser
    • Anyone who lives in the tropics
    • If you use an oily sunscreen use BOOST first


    Most oil free moisturizers do contain oil, but not "mineral oil”. Ingredients such as almond, macadamia or jojoba oils or shea butter are commonly used. For some reason some companies do not call these naturals oils - they are. MiSMo never uses mineral oil. It is pore clogging. BOOST contains no oils at all.

    Oil free lotions are generally very high in water content and low on the quality ingredients. These lotions will actually dry the skin not hydrate and nourish your skin. This is where MiSMo's BOOST is very different.

    We have tested BOOST on men and women ranging in ages from 20 to mid-60's. Results were stunning to say the least. Young men found their skin softer and with reduced ingrown hairs. Older men looked years younger with complexion plumped and fresh.

    Young women found their oily skin tamed and deeply hydrated.

    As a baby boomer I trialed BOOST just because I loved the feel and fragrance and wanted to use it. But what would I do for oil if this is an oil free cream? The solution - use A-C-E Vitamin C Serum first, then BOOST. Wow! Great results. This was at night only on a mature skin.

    For those living in the tropics BOOST will be a huge hit. With constant perspiration much precious moisture is lost and needs to be replaced. Both Hyaluronic Acid and Sodium PCA withhold and replace this moisture.

    Light hypoallergenic fragrance used.


    BOOST is a genuine oil-free moisturiser. We rely on wonderful ingredients such as HYALURONIC ACID, SODIUM PCA, GERMAN CHAMOMILE, CALENDULA, VITAMIN B5, ORGANIC ALOE VERA andMSM to create an exqusite blend you will love using every day. They provide full hydration and moisturising without oil. The anti-aging results are tremendous. Unlike most companies, MiSMo uses lashings of these ingredients.
    Men: Use after shaving daily. Include the whole face and neck

    Use after cleansing. Can be used over Blemish Gel.

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    Stuart Langevelt
    I love the Boost and truly am impressed with the product. I am nearly 40 and have never been able to find a moisturiser that suits my skin - and I consider myself to be quite predisposed to skin-care
    John Ward
    I am in my mid 50's and recently started using MiSMo BOOST as a trial, encouraged by my wife. While my working life has been in an office based environment, I have through my leisure hours exposed my skin to the sun and elements extensively without protection.

    Use of creams or moisturisers has not been part of my life.

    Surprisingly, I have come accustomed to applying a little cream daily, after shaving, to my whole face including the ever growing forehead. The application is easy and not greasy.

    I have found I like the feel of my skin after application and have noticed the absence of dry spots and chaffed skin. My skin feels better when experiencing cold dry air and also the direct sunlight. My intention is to keep using BOOST.

    P.S. I have had difficulty fending off the ladies since use!
    Caleb Marks
    I have been using various 'brand' name skincare products for a couple of years. Always have a problem with a few ingrown hairs around the neck area probably caused by shaving.

    I was given a bottle of Boost. It felt good on my face and neck but what I noticed after using it for a few days, my problem with the ingrown hairs had disappeared. Maybe Boost had softened my skin.

    Anyway, it worked and I never thought I would be contacting a manufacturer to tell them I think their product is great, Thanks. By the way I am a 22 year old guy.
    I am a male in my 60's and have been using Boost for a few years now and would not be without it. I think of it as like using an aftershave that goes all over the face.

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