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Mineral Makeup

What Exactly is Mineral Makeup?

You’ve heard along the grapevine that Mineral makeup is considered a more natural alternative to the regular makeup out there on the market and that it has some terrific benefits for your skin. But what’s so great about the ingredients and what exactly can it do for me, are some very important questions that we […]

Treat Acne Naturally

Pimples and acne are difficult to contend with on a daily basis. Not only just from a product standpoint but in severe cases, self-confidence among other things can also be affected. When dealing with these skin issues there are a couple of ways to go about it and in most cases just like our belief […]

MSM Pain Relief for Pets

For many people, their pets become part of the family and it’s heartbreaking when they are in pain.  One of the best food supplements proven to extend the quality of life for ageing and pain inflicted pets is MSM! MSM (also known as Organic Sulphur) is a safe and effective supplement to give to your […]
Zinc Sunscreen

​Zinc – Your very own natural sunscreen

Zinc is a wonderful natural sunscreen. There has been a good deal written about banning some of the chemical ingredients used in sunscreens due to health scares in recent times. MiSMo has never agreed with using chemical ingredients for sun protection. While it is good to enjoy the great outdoors and get your Vitamin D […]

Serums and their Anti Aging Benefits

Looking after your skin can be a complex affair. To give your skin the best possible outcome, treatment goes beyond the usual cleanse, tone and moisturise regime of the past. There is a huge range of skin care products on the market today and we will try to help explain the best way to choose […]
Sunscreen with chemicals

Is your sunscreen bad for you?

Is your sunscreen bad for you? That’s quite an alarmist title for a blog post when we all know how damaging the sun can be on your skin, but the information the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently released is something we all should be concerned about. Because sunscreens are formulated on the […]
msm and clear skin

How MSM helps your skin health

The pain relief benefits of MSM are well documented. The concept of how MSM helps with pain in itself is basic when you really get down to it. It is able to reduce inflammation in the body and subsequently when this happens pain is reduced also. The same idea works in regards to your skin […]
Layering skin care

The Art of Layering Skincare

Layering your skin care is a great way to keep your skin looking its best, but there is a bit of an art to it. Think thin or lightest to thickest. Or to get technical, always use water soluble products (gels usually) before your oil base creams or oils. It is important to get these […]
Mineral Makeup

Spring/Summer Makeup tips

Are you looking to create a dewy, glowing complexion with your makeup this Spring/ Summer? We thought we’d give you some easy tips on how to re-create this flawless and timeless look. These tips apply for all ages too, this look is not just for those in their 20’s, it is one that is perfect […]

MSM- the mineral for essential health

The Riordan Clinic in the US is a not-for-profit, nutrition-based health facility. They specialise in nutritional testing and holistic/naturopathic treatments for sustained illnesses such as cancer, Lyme disease, gut issues, anxiety and depression, autoimmune disorders and diabetes. Very recently they spoke on the benefits of MSM; It’s a great presentation and well worth listening to […]

Summer Skincare Switch

With Summer fast approaching, it’s time to check in with the skincare products you are currently using to see if they need a little switch up. Perhaps you might need to swap your Anti Wrinkle Cream for something a little lighter like New Age Moisturiser or better still if you haven’t been using a moisturiser with […]
Facial Masks

Why use a Mask and Which One Should I choose?

Why Do We Need a Facial Mask? Masks are an important addition to your skincare routine, even though we are cleansing and moisturising every day. Different masks are designed for different purposes. They can be: Hydrating Anti-ageing Provide a temporary face lift Exfoliating Exfoliating masks give a deeper, more detoxifying effect. Incorporating a mask weekly […]

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