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Mineral makeup has taken the world by storm over the past few years. With the excitement comes confusion about which brand to buy, what ingredients to avoid and which colour to choose! We can guarantee MiSMo minerals to be of the highest quality providing a flawless finish that feels like you are not wearing makeup. With a full range including foundations, highlighter, veil, bronzer and eyeshadows MiSMo has you covered! Read on to find out which colours to choose and how to properly apply them! (and don't forget we have sample sizes available to help you decide!)
MiSMo's talc-free Mineral Makeup Foundation comes in seven shades and is easy to apply.
See the range of mineral makeup foundation colours
The quality of the brush used to apply mineral makeup is critical if you are to achieve a flawless finish. MiSMo has done the research for you and provide the best quality brushes.
See the range of mineral makeup brushes
Beige, Fair, Medium...
which mineral makeup colour will suit you?
Read our guide to find out!
Choosing the right mineral makeup colour
Mineral Eyeshadow
Mineral Makeup Eyeshadow

Add some zing to your look with our beautiful range of mineral eyeshadow colours. Ten shades guaranteed to perk up your peepers!

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Rock Solid Info and Tips on Mineral Makeup

Why use minerals? What's in them? How do you apply them? Is a special brush important? Head over to our Mineral Makeup Tips and Information Page to get the low-down on this awesome alternative to liquid foundation.

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