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Magnesium Chloride – The Good News

Magnesium Chloride is an amazing form of Magnesium and it can be very confusing to work out how to use it to your best advantage.

The important thing to know is all Magnesium Chloride methods of application work, it comes down to personal choice and convenience.

Why do we need to supplement magnesium? Most adults in Australia and USA are deficient in this precious mineral. Changes in diet and the way we live has contributed to the reduction in our bodies.

Magnesium comes in many forms and is used both orally and transdermally. Transdermal use means applying to the skin. Used this way magnesium is absorbed through the skin.

Benefits are huge with transdermal application. This is the best way to boost you body’s store of magnesium. When magnesium is taken orally it needs to stay in the body for around 12 hours to work.

 Unfortunately, magnesium taken orally can pass through the body through bowel movements fairly quickly, less than 12 hours. When applied to the skin, magnesium bypasses the digestive system and stays in the body going to the places most in need of supplementation.

Choices of using transdermal Magnesium are: 

Magnesium Gel Forte – a lotion;

Magnesium Oil: dissolving Magnesium Chloride powder in purified water and applying to skin

Baths or foot soaks: Adding Magnesium Chloride to your bath or in a foot spa or bucket of hot water

Benefits: Relaxed muscles; pain relief; easing headaches; better sleep patterns; relieves anxiety; increases libido; anti ageing via increased DHEA by natural means; help prevent heart attacks;

WARNINGS: If you have kidney failure do not use magnesium

It can take years literally to increase your magnesium levels but using Magnesium Chloride levels can be restored in months.

Don’t waste another day without this magic mineral. Try either MiSMo Magnesium Gel Forte or Magnesium Chloride Powder.

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