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Woman with a headache can use Magnesium to ease pain

Magnesium and Headaches/Migraines

The cause for migraines is still not known, Dr Carolyn Dean explains, “they are thought to be due to an imbalance in brain chemicals that can lead to inflammation.   The low grade inflammation can cause brain blood vessels to swell and irritate nearby nerves and cause pain.

However, what researchers are not considering is that magnesium deficiency will make the smooth muscles of blood vessels more irritable and susceptible to inflammation. The same thing happens with nerves. In magnesium deficiency nerve cells become more irritated. It all makes sense if you consider magnesium deficiency as an underlying trigger to migraines”, Dr Dean goes on to say.

So with this in mind, considering boosting your magnesium levels could be a solution. You are able to supplement your Magnesium levels in a few different ways. To avoid side effects like diarrhea you can try a transdermal magnesium like Magnesium Chloride Powder.  Taking a bath with Magnesium Chloride Powder is recommended as just one way to treat migraines.

Making your own Magnesium oil and applying this directly to your body focusing particularly on the back of your neck and the temples, is another option.  Magnesium works two fold – helping to give your body the much needed magnesium boost while relaxing any muscular tension and calming the nervous system.

Alternatively, if you don’t have the time to make your own Magnesium Oil then there’s MiSMo’s Magnesium Gel Forte with MSM.  This is a unique transdermal body gel formulation that contains a very high percentage of Magnesium Chloride Powder fortified with MSM (source of organic Sulphur). This particular gel does not sting nor leave any sticky residue and absorbs quickly into the skin.

Being consistent with your magnesium supplementation and making sure you are using it daily is very important and also the best way to give you a chance at effectively dealing with migraines.

While Magnesium is a mineral worth considering, it is always recommended to seek the advice from a health practitioner to determine the best treatment solution for you.


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