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Look Younger with a Lymphatic Massage

Did you know the lympatic system is vital for glowing, youthful skin? The Lymphatic System is a network of vessels running through your body responsible
for removing waste and toxins from your cells. Research has shown that a poorly performing lymphatic network can have an adverse effect on not only
your body’s health and well-being, but it can also impact the appearance of the facial area.

Frequent facial massage can have a drastic impact on the look and feel of your skin. When you press or massage any part of your body, circulation is
increased in that area and the face responds particularly well to touch, since it is packed with many small sensitive muscles. Facial massage is
something that you can easily do yourself with very little effort. In addition to visible results (like reduced puffiness, wrinkles and increased
tone and elasticity), facial massage relieves tension, relaxes you, and restores energy to your body by stimulating the blood flow.

Using a hydrating mask or moisturier (to provide the slip) here’s how you can give yourself your very own face massage:

Step 1. Using the outer sides of your index fingers, briskly massage up and down on the forehead for 30 seconds.

Step 2. Using the tips of your index fingers, briskly massage the sides of your face, from temples near hairline to the bottoms of your ears.
Massage for 30 seconds.

Step 3. Using the outer sides of your index fingers and starting at your cheekbone area right beside your nose, “hook up” under each cheekbone
and gently “jiggle” your index fingers back and forth. Gradually move down the cheekbone and continue jiggling to the center of the cheekbone,
directly below the center of the eye. To complete this step, using the outer sides of your thumbs, hook up under the opposite side of the cheekbones
directly under the outside of the eye area. Continue “jiggling” until you have reached the center of the cheekbone.

Note: This area often contains the most stagnant lymph and may feel sore for a few days until it is cleared and flowing freely again.

Step 4. Open your mouth slightly, creating a slackness and a looseness in the hollow directly below your cheekbone. Using the tips of three
fingers, gently massage in a circular motion for 30 seconds.

Step 5. Using the undersides of your thumbs, hook up under the jaw line beginning directly below the ears. “Jiggle” the skin with your thumbs,
moving down the jaw line until thumbs meet in the center of your chin.

Step 6. Collapse your head to the left, tilting it so that your neck muscles are relaxed on the left side. Using your right hand, hold your
four fingers straight and firmly together. Start just under the jaw line of the left side of your face, and slide your hand down the side of your
neck and out across your shoulder. Repeat 10 times on the left side. Then do the same for the right side. You may feel the lymph moving and, as
a result, a tingling sensation in the neck and arm area.


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