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What Causes Acne?
Do you have a question about acne?

What Causes Acne?


Hormones can play a big part in excessive oil production. Pimples around the chin area indicate hormones are responsible. Some medication can also cause acne. The medical condition polycystic ovaries also causes acne in women.


Studies have proven stress is a huge factor on skin health. The more you worry about your skin the worse it becomes due to the production of excess oil. Important events so often see a big pimple emerge on the eve of the big day. Here is an explanation about how stress makes acne worse.


Sunscreen is a vital part of protecting your skin from sun damage but many irritate the skin and cause breakouts. Look for products that contain zinc or titanium as they are a physical barrier and less likely to clog pores. Apply sunscreen after skin care. An easy way to avoid sunscreen on a daily basis is to use Mineral Makeup. UV is provided and you'll look gorgeous as pimples are disguised.

Remember the bumps can't be hidden but the redness can easily be disguised.

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