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Tips for Acne Sufferers
Do you have a question about acne?

Tips for Acne Sufferers

Bed linen: Change pillowcases every 2 days. Sleep on one side and turn for the next night then change the slip.

Mobile phones: Do the pimples come up where you hold the phone? If so keep phone clean and swap sides.

Hair products: Don't use gels and other hair products on your fringe. Often they clog pores on the forehead.


  • Vitamin A or betacarotene or Cod Liver oil fortified with Vitamins A and D (check with health professionals as Vitamin A can cause defects on unborn babies)
  • Zinc
  • MSM
  • Essential Fatty Acids or Omegas
  • Vitamin C

These can all help a smoother, healthier complexion and help strengthen the immune system.


Regular exfoliation is important in control of congested skin, pimples and acne. A buildup of dead skin cells mixed with sebum is a recipe for pimples.

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