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Products to Help Acne
Do you have a question about acne?

Products to Help Acne

BLEMISH GEL has been specially formulated to not only help heal pimples, blackheads and blind pimples fast but also the help in the preventative scene.

Go for prevention: Many girls get pimples as hormones change in the monthly cycle. Apply Blemish Gel around this time so the gel is there to zap zits before they develop too much.

Blemish Gel is a natural acne treatment and contains specialised active ingredients designed to kill bacteria associated with pimples, blackheads and acne. Inflammation is always associated with blemishes so MSM, Aloe Vera and Vitamins A, B3, B5 and Hyaluronic Acid look after this problem. Click here for more natural acne treatment info...

Blemish Gel is fragrance and oil free.

Many acne treatments are harsh and dry skin in a significant way. This is not necessary for a pimple treatment to work. Blemish Gel will never dry your skin - quite the opposite. It is full of the best hydrating ingredients. 

DAILY FACE WASH with Lactic/Glycolic acids: The cleanser used on blemish prone skin is most important. The aim is to remove dead skin cells every day to prevent pores blocking and developing into pimples and other blemishes. Lactic and glycolic acids loosen the glue that holds dead cells on skin. We have combined the acids to provide the other important aspect - gentle.

Very often skin is red and irritated when breakouts occur so gentle is of great importance. Blemish Gel will not dry out your skin and Daily Face Wash will not irritate sensitive skin.

Daily Face Wash is fragrance, soap and oil free.

Using soap or cleansers with a pH above 7 will encourage acne bacteria growth. Most soaps are way above this 6. On a pH scale 7 is neutral, 0 very acidic and 14 super alkaline. Skin is around 5.5 so skin care that is around this pH is ideal.All MiSMo products are around this number.

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