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MSM Nasal Spray Recipe Revealed!
Do You Have Any Questions About Making A MSM Nasal Spray?

MSM Nasal Spray Recipe Revealed!

The benefits of a MSM nasal spray are HUGE! Not only is it great to take on long haul plane trips to help fortify your immune system against any bugs but it is also very handy for allergy sufferers, can help nip any sore throats in the bud and will assist considerably with snoring. It is a simple formulation that Irene, founder of MiSMo Body Care swears by. On her recent trip overseas she was the only person in her tour group that did not succumb to the communal flu, thanks to her MSM nasal spray. To make your own nasal spray simply follow these easy steps:

  1. 1/2 cup boiled water or drinkable distilled water
  2. 3 drops Betadine 
  3. 3 drops tea tree oil 
  4. 2 level teaspoons of MSM 
  5. Shake and add to a bottle with a spray.

Spray 4 times down throat every 4 hours plus a couple of sprays up the nose while on a plane or twice a day while traveling. You may possibly experience a mild stinging however, this should not last and the benefits will out way the short lived discomfort.


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