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Mineral Makeup = Sunscreen!
Do You Have A Question About Mineral Makeup as a Sunscreen?

Mineral Makeup = Sunscreen!

Did you know that Mineral Makeup posses sun protection qualities? Mineral Makeup is a great solution for sunscreen for your face and ideal for those of you are sensitive to chemical sunscreens.

Sunscreen made using the common chemical ingredient Octyl Methoxycinnimate often blocks pores and causes flare-ups and pimples on the face. While sunscreen is still essential for UV protection on the body (remember to choose one containing Titanium and Zinc Oxide), the face however, does have an alternative and it's Mineral Makeup!

Mineral Makeup contains Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide for maximum protection. These will usually give 15+ SPF when a light covering is applied and 30 SPF or more when more than one coat of Mineral foundation is applied.

So not only will you look fantastic with the airbrushed coverage mineral makeup offers, but your face will also be suitably protected from any sun damage.


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