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How to Remove Blackheads
Do you have a question about blackheads?

How to Remove Blackheads

The colour of a blackhead is caused by air not dirt. Sebum and dead skin cells form a plug in a follicle and over time it becomes black. Blackheads do have to be removed. No bacteria is involved in blackheads.

Ideally go to a beauty therapist who will carefully remove blackheads for you. If blackheads are left pores stretch thereby creating an environment for recurring blackheads. Ask if the therapist performs extractions as not all salons do.

If you attempt to do this yourself always make sure the skin is clean, warmed and softened. Don't use finger tips as nails may cause extra damage. Position 2 cotton buds either side of the blackhead and gently wiggle them around the blackhead, either side, top and bottom.

By far the best way is to see a professional.

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