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How To Improve Sleep Naturally
Do You Have A Question About Natural Ways To Improve Your Sleep?

How To Improve Sleep Naturally

According to the Sleep Health Foundation at any given time 10% of people have at least mild insomnia*. The causes for this vary from strong pain, to certain medications to depression and stress. Lack of sleep can impact dramatically on your well-being, but don't worry there are a couple of things you can try to help improve your sleep patterns. Food, supplements and a regular bed time routine, can all contribute to assisting you with the best chance at having a good nights sleep.

Eating foods high in healthy fats like avocado, eggs, organic meat and high in antioxidants like fresh fruit and vegetables are said to help with manufacturing sleep hormones.

Supplements like Magnesium, the relaxant mineral, while helping to relax muscle pain and cramping (which can be another cause for interrupted sleep), can also help to relax the nervous system too. Taking Magnesium capsules or using Magnesium Oil are ways you can give your body a Magnesium boost. Omega 3 supplements like fish oil and evening primrose oil can also help promote sleep.

Sticking to a regular bed time routine is also a way to give your body the physical and mental cues that it is now time to wind down. Having dinner if possible at the same time each night, 6pm is recommended, a soothing bath, a cup of chamomile tea and if you can, meditation or breathing exercises can all help with getting a good nights sleep. While these examples might not suit everyone try to find a routine that works for you keeping in mind to not incorporate any stimulating type of activities after dinner. This includes screen time, too! No checking emails or social media before bed!

According to research it takes 21 days to form a habit. So if you are able to continue with the same bed time routine for this time, you're giving yourself the best chance at getting a good night sleep each and every night.


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