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Choosing the right mineral makeup colour
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Choosing the right mineral makeup colour

Choosing the correct colour is the most important part of Mineral Makeup or any makeup. Minerals are very forgiving and cover a range of hair, eye and skin tones.

To choose the right colour, take a small brush or even a cotton bud and draw a stripe down the face from about  5cm above the jaw line.  The colour should blend with your skin. It is usually quite obvious if the colour suits. Proceed to blend the powder into your skin. Does it disappear or contrast. You are looking for a good blend. Your makeup should match your decolletage. Most women require 2 colours of makeup, one for summer and one for winter.


Beige Fair - Very fair skin which has no redness. Beige Fair has pink to neutral undertones, maybe honey coloured freckles. Skin burns easily. Our model is very fair. If she used "Fair" it would clash with her natural skin tone. Beige fair brightens the outcome and blends perfectly with her skin. We then used Bronzer to give that sun kissed Natural look.    
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Beige Medium is used for Medium skin which gradually tans and has No redness. Skin can look sallow. Beige Medium has pink to neutral undertones. Extremely popular colour. The photos of our model show a little redness but that is not the case in reality. We used Medium on another makeover and the model was able to wear either colour but Beige Medium looked that bit brighter. If you look drab wearing pale chambray blue go for a Beige shade.
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Fair is ideal for Fair or Pale skin which has some redness in skin, often blonde or red hair, freckles. Sometimes blush. Skin burns easily. Fair has yellow undertones to correct redness. Girls with Celtic heritage often have dark hair but very pale skin and rosy cheeks. They look great in Fair worn with Blush to accentuate the cheeks.
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Medium is talking about the majority of white Australians who have English, Irish, Scottish heritage. These girls usually burn if unprotected in early summer but develop a tan as the summer wears on. Often Medium is the ideal colour in winter but as a tan deepens Medium Plus is a better colour. Most popular colour.
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Medium Plus girls can have a delightful light olive skin tone. They always look healthy and tan well. Freckles can be common in those who spend a lot of time outdoors. Medium Plus is an extremely popular colour.
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Tan  ladies have olive skin tones, usually clear skin without freckles. Our cover girl Hermione wears Tan and always looks sunkissed with a healthy glow. Often girls with a Mediterranean or European background wear Tan.
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Jasmin is excellent for an Asian skin type. This colour has been specially developed to give a flattering finish for our Asian clients. Finish with Bronzer to sculpt and beautify these lovely skins.
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