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Is Vegan Friendly For You?

Many people are embracing a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle adopting plant based diets that are mineral and vitamin rich. And it’s not only in their diet
either, but as an overall lifestyle choice which quite often extends to the clothes they buy, the companies they support and the skincare they use.

It’s been noted that a diet of plant based foods can offer numerous benefits to your health and well-being, one of which especially is for your skin. Most
foods in the vegan diet naturally promote collagen production which is great for skin elasticity; and due to the high amount of nuts, seeds, flax and
walnut oils that are consumed in this type of diet, which are considered essential fatty acids, the skin is able to more readily absorb and retain

In keeping with this philosophy, MiSMo uses only ingredients in our skincare range that are mineral rich and in as natural forms as possible, that offer
the same benefits you would receive by following a vegan diet. Ingredients that promote skin elasticity, improve skin texture and hydrate. MiSMo is
proud to say that most of our skin care range is vegan friendly with the exception of a handful of products that contain only small amounts of beeswax,
Albumen (egg white powder) and Manuka Honey.

Embracing a life of vegetarianism might not be for everyone, so it is reassuring to know that if you aren’t up for incorporating a meat free day into your
weekly routine, your skin will still receive the wonderful benefits of plant based ingredients included in our MiSMo skin care range.

Hot off the press! We’re excited to debut some new brushes to our make-up range which are vegan friendly,
as is most of our make-up range.

For further information regarding our products that aren’t vegan friendly, please contact and we will be happy to clarify.



The Skincare Benefits of Going Vegan



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