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Improve Your Wellbeing and Get Great Skin in 2018

If it’s health and well-being you are wanting for 2018 then why not consider the nutritional supplement, MSM? MSM is a source of organic sulphur, one of the principal elements found in the body, absolutely essential for man, animals, plants and mico-organisms.

“Sulfur is the eighth most abundant element in all living organisms. In our bodies, it forms part of virtually all tissue, especially those highest in protein, such as red blood cells, muscles, skin and hair,” explains Dr Stanley Jacobs in the book, The Miracle of MSM.

Unfortunately, as we age our MSM levels decline, and so by supplementing with MiSMo MSM we are able to provide the body’s requirement for MSM in a bio available form. MiSMo MSM is an excellent form of health insurance and worth a try if it’s health and well-being you are wanting for 2018.

As an added bonus, you may also enjoy increased energy, less pain from arthritis and smoother skin, just to list a few which brings me to our next point, great skin!

If it is your skin’s health you are wanting to fortify this year then having a regular skincare routine and sticking to it, is the best chance you can give your skin at looking its best.

Making sure you exfoliate regularly is also a great one to remember. There is no point trying to use beautiful treatment serums like Rejuvenating Gel or ACE Vitamin C Serum if they are unable to penetrate through the dead skin cells.

Keeping your skin clear and free of dead skin cells will allow these products to deliver the much needed nutrients. Interestingly, exfoliation plays a big role in the skin condition Rosacea, a rarely discussed aspect of this condition. You can read more about this in another post, Rosacea and The Role Of Exfoliation

Getting into the habit of treating your skin to a weekly mask can also help to keep your skin fresh and radiant looking.

Whatever it might be you are wanting for 2018 we hope that it will be a year filled with health and happiness and a motto of “don’t sweat the small stuff” because it really is only small stuff!”



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