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How To Apply Eyeshadow

Applying eye shadow is really easy and if you know the tricks of the trade then you can’t go wrong. It’s about experimenting with colour and finding out what colours you like. Everyone is different so this is only a guide – feel free to let your imagination come alive.

• It’s always a good idea to start with cleansing and moisturising the face before any make up application. This allows for the perfect canvas, you will get a better end result if you do this.

• Identify your skin colour; does it have pink undertones or yellow undertones? Cool colours such as pink, purple, blue, green (with a blue base) suit pink undertones while warm colours such as yellow, orange, red and green with a (yellow base) suit yellow undertones. This is the time when your imagination can come into play.

• Choose three colours (light, medium and a darker colour) and white for contouring. Keeping in mind what you have decided to wear that day and what really suits you, red maybe fashionable but it’s not for everyone.

• Start applying your lightest colour first all over the lid, up to the eyebrow, don’t forget to blend it and taper or feather the edges to soften the line. Don’t apply to the area just under the outer edge of the eyebrow.

• Next apply your medium colour to the lid only, always remember to blend blend blend, and don’t forget to get in to the crease of the eye, use your finger tips if you have to, you want the colours to mix in with each other.

• You will now have to decide if you have “close” or “wide” set eyes. Look at the space between your eyes.

– Is the space bigger than the size of one of your eyes? Yes – you have wide set eyes.
– Is the space smaller than the size of one of your eyes? Yes – you have close set eyes.

Wide Set
Close Set

• For Wide set eyes your focus is to apply your darker colours to the inner edge of the eye.

• For Close set eyes your focus is to apply your darker colours to the outer edges of the eye. Blending is critical, make the colours blend into one another.

• Once you are happy with the result, there is one last step and that is to add the white. This is placed under the eyebrow at the outer edges, this gives the eye contour and definition.

For a night time look why not apply a dark charcoal colour or a black as your darker colour and bring the shadow just under the eye for a smoky sexy look.

You can now add eye liner and your mascara and you’re ready to go.

Congratulations your now ready to go!

Colour suggestions for white; MiSMo white pearl or Highlighter works well.
Green colour eyeshadow on 3rd image: Teal
Image 4:For light colour, Dusk would work well on this style with plum in contour and slate eye pencil for liner
Image 5: Pewter for lid; beige pearl for contour; and eyeliner pen in black

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