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How MSM Keeps Hair Shiny And Healthy

If you feel that no matter what you do your hair seems to remain limp, frizzy, dry, brittle, dull – or all of the above – it is easy
to spend hundreds of dollars on hair products. However, if you are not getting enough sulphur in your diet, all the hair care products in the world are
not going to keep that crazy hair under control.

MSM might be the answer to your hair prayers as it contains the pure sulphur you need for a healthier mane.

Sulphur? Really?

Yes really. Sulphur is a much needed nutrient that is found throughout our bodies. The reason MSM works well is that it is a source of pure, organic sulphur
which is the ideal supplement to assist with both skin and hair health.

Sulphur plays a key role in cell health allowing the body to absorb nutrients more effectively. Nutrients assist in keeping us healthy and when we are
not getting enough of the right nutrients it can show in our skin, our nails and our hair.


As our cells become healthy they do their job more effectively as they are better able to absorb nutrients and also get rid of toxins. Sulphur not only
assists with cell health but then also allows us to produce collagen. If you have read up on skin and hair care products you know that collagen is
a girl’s best friend when it comes to beauty. It is always mentioned when it comes to beautiful skin and looking more youthful. However it also plays
an important part in hair growth and health.


The second important thing you need for healthy hair is keratin. Sulphur assists in the production of that as well. MSM did not get its nickname as the
‘beauty mineral’ for nothing. It earned its title by helping to produce the body’s natural beauty products such as keratin and collagen.

Hair Growth

Hair has a cycle that consists of growth, rest and shedding. Sulphur is one of the important building blocks to keep hair growing and is even believed
to allow you to retain your hair longer so it rests more than it sheds. This means you can have a fuller head of hair that stays smoother instead of
becoming plagued with split ends as it grows.

We carry pure MSM, ideal to get more sulphur in your diet and help manage your precious tresses. You can order your’s right now at MiSMo MSM.



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