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How MSM can help with carpal tunnel syndrome

Did you know carpal tunnel syndrome is the most commonly reported repetitive strain injury (RSI) that occurs in the workplace?

This syndrome affects the hands, arms, shoulders, neck and backs of those who continue to use the same repeated movements day in day out over a long period
of time, years in fact.

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

“Carpal tunnel syndrome is named for the eight bones in the wrist – the carpals. They form a tunnel-like passage filled with tendons that control finger
movement and the median nerve that carries nerve impulses to and from the hand. Repetitive flexing and extension of the wrist may cause an inflammation
of the protective sheaths surrounding the nerve, which produces symptoms,” explains Dr Stanley Jacob.

Painful tingling akin to pins and needles is how it starts in one or both hands and usually occurs of an evening. As the condition worsens the pain
begins to creep in during the day too. Interestingly, it seems that women are twice as likely to develop the syndrome and make up nearly two thirds
of work related carpal tunnel conditions with the average sufferer between the age of 40-50 years old.

There are a number of ways to treat this syndrome, one method which has had great success is MSM (Organic Sulphur). Using MSM both orally and applying topically (on your body) will give the best chance at relieving strong pain. This equates to taking one teaspoon a day (This is an average dose and can be increased if necessary to accommodate pain levels) and applying
Magnesium Gel Forte with MSM to the affected areas.

Why does MSM Help?

MSM will help to reduce inflammation – any inflamed tissue in the wrist may impact the median nerve running through the carpal tunnel and will also help to reduce pain. In addition, MSM may also help by increasing the blood supply to the area and softening scar tissue surrounding and compressing the median nerve, suggests Dr Stanley Jacob who treated many patients suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with exceptional results.

Please note it is always important to seek medical advice if symptoms like this occur.



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