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Have you got sunburn?

The sun is what many of us enjoy indulging in over the Australian summer at many of our beautiful beaches, parks, even in our every day alfresco style
of living.

As great as the sun is sometimes we enjoy it a little too much and end up with sunburn. Ideally, I try to avoid this scenario but on the occasion this
happens my go to product is Cell Soother.

Essentially an MSM Gel, the combination of Aloe Vera and MSM (Organic Sulphur) provides much needed relief for sunburn. (In fact, mild kitchen burns
can also benefit quickly from using the Cell Soother) The Gel helps to calm and soothe while also contributing to the healing process.

It also posses light exfoliating properties which gently helps to remove dead skin cells so that new healthy cells can be renewed, which is exactly what
you want in the instance of sunburn. Healthy Cells = Healthy skin

I sometimes even like to put my Cell Soother in the fridge, so when it’s applied to the sunburn it’s even more soothing and cooling.

Alternatively, If you are looking at more of a long term solution to combating and preventing further sun damage for your face, then ACE Vitamin C Serum is

Using ACE Vitamin Serum nightly can help to correct any sun damage together
with offering many more benefits like; increased firmness, elasticity and tone of skin, a brighter and more radiant complexion, reduced pigmentation
marks and essentially smoother and more refined looking skin.

FACT -The best time to get your Vitamin D is between 11am and 2pm when your shadow is shortest. 15 minutes is enough for fair skins. Darker
skins need longer.

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