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Good and Bad Face Cleansing

While on holidays recently I ran out of cleanser about 3 days before coming home. Oh well that’s OK I’ll use the body lotion provided at our 5 star hotel, it’s good quality. What a mistake.

You’d think a very mature skin like mine could take anything but by the first night the lumps had started coming up on my forehead. The next morning a few developing pimples were near my nose. It took a week after our return to restore my face to a clear status again.

For most ladies this probably won’t happen but if you suffer from Rosacea like me, it doesn’t take much to start a breakout.

Rosacea skins tend to have more layers of dead skin cells so must be routinely cleansed with a suitable face cleanser. Pores just have to be kept clear.

The hotel body lotion was too drying, full of chemicals and immediately blocked the pores. Bingo inflammation began.

The best cleansing solution for Rosacea and acne prone skins is a lactic acid and glycolic acid face wash. This combination is gentle but effective in removing dead skin cells thus working as a preventative of lumps, bumps, pimples and cyst type eruptions.

When we developed Daily Face Wash last year it was very exciting for myself and the hundreds of girls who started using it straight away. Feedback has been excellent and sales tell the story.

 Going on holidays – take plenty of your own skin care. You should come back glowing not with zits!

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