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    Eye Cream Complex 15ml

    Eye Cream Complex will reduce puffy and baggy eyes, diminish dark circles and lift the eye. Natural no Fragrance

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     Eye Cream Trial Size 7ml Now Available Here

    Maybe you are younger and have not reached this stage. Well stop ageing eyes now and go into prevention mode!

    Eye Cream Complex Results Anti Aging Before and After Notice the eye brow lift, reduced puffiness and colour of circles

    Eye Cream Complex Results Puffy Eyes Before and After Substantial reduction of puffiness
    Eye Cream Complex Results Dark Circles Before and After Firmer skin and reduction of lines. Dark Circles were also less obvious

    Eye Cream Complex Results Anti Wrinkle Before and After Less lines, firmer skin tone and more open upper eye
    Eye Cream Complex works in several ways to:
    • Lift  and tighten your brow area 
    • Reduce puffiness below the eye 
    • Reduce dark circles below the eye 
    • Firm skin around the eye area 
    • Reduces lines and wrinkles


    You will see substantial improvement within 2 weeks.


    Eye Cream Complex is a naturally derived eye cream. A combination of 3 active ingredients sets this apart from any other eye cream on the market. While some good skin care companies will use one of the above ingredients  MiSMo established using a combination delivers the WOW factor. No fragrance is used.

    BEAUTIFEYE™ is derived from the Persian Silk Tree. As the image on the product page shows, the integrity of skin tissue on the eye area is substantially strengthened. Lines are reduced and a strong eye lift is achieved. Added benefits of reduced puffiness and dark circles team well with the other active ingredients used.

    ALDAVINE™ an algal polysaccharide from the sea, reduces puffy eyes and dark circles by stimulating the drainage of accumulated lymphatic fluid caused by hormone variation, diet, sinus and ageing;

    LANACHRYS® a botanical from Africa. As we age tissue around the eyes weakens. Lanachrys activates lipolysis to stimulate fat elimination. Normal fat that helps support the eye can then migrate forward into the lower eyelids, causing it to be puffy. Lanacyrys® has a draining and de-puffing effect.

    HYALURONIC ACID, OLIVE SQUALANE and MACADAMIA OIL add to a high end mix of effective ingredients.

    A tiny amount the size of a match head delivers enough cream for both eyes.

    After cleansing squeeze a tiny amount to your ring finger. Split the cream between your ring fingers. Apply below the brow, on lids and below the eye. Pat below the eye with 4th finger several times starting from the nose working to outer eye. This helps disperse the lymphatic fluid and fatty deposits that build up below the eye.

    Rejuvenating Gel may be used under Eye Cream Complex to treat lines even more. For best results use morning and night. The packaging for Eye Cream Complex has changed since this video was filmed. While we now use a tube the instructions are the same.

    Read the reviews

    It is lovely to use. Immediate and long lasting results. Also a visible change to fine lines, brightness and skin tone. The product made a noticeable difference which improved with continued use. I am very impressed.
    It seems to lift the eye. MiSMo eye cream has reduced the dark circles and puffiness under my eye and has lifted my upper eyelid. My eye looks brighter.
    It felt hydrating and soothing to the skin. I noticed a definite improvement in dark circles from week 2 of using the cream onwards. Dark circles – photos show big improvement.Clinic photos show a difference of three shades between the left and right eye (girls used the eye cream on only 1 eye)
    I really liked the texture of the cream and how it was absorbed around my eye area immediately. It did not feel sticky or too watery. MiSMo eye cream has made me realize how tired my eyes have looked and I now look forward to purchasing the cream to see more benefits. Thank you Mismo.
    Made a huge difference in the dark circles under my eyes.
    Karen Watt
    I’ve been using MisMo’s Rejuvenating Gel for many many years now. I first came across this product after doing some research into Hyaluronic Acid and Matrixyl, as anti-aging agents. I was pleased to find the Rejuvenating Gel contained both. I absolutely love the way it smooths and hydrates my skin. As I’ve now hit my 50s, I’m convinced the Rejuvenating Gel has helped reduce the appearance of wrinkles and even minimised the development of new ones. I use it with MisMo’s Nourishing Cream and Eye Cream Complex, which I also love. Over the years I’ve tried other products but continue to come back to the Rejuvenating Gel, along with the nourishing cream and eye cream complex. They are quality products. They are also Australian made and owned, which is great. I highly recommend MisMo’s Rejuvenating Gel and I will continue to use it on a daily basis.

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