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Eye Cream complex- Clinical Trial


MiSMo Eye Cream Complex has three natural, active ingredients utilized to firm, lift and tighten the skin above the eye and to reduce puffiness, dark circles and reduce lines below the eye.  For the purpose of intellectual property, the active ingredients will not be listed.


Experiment/Clinical Trial:

Over a period of four weeks, 10 women aging between 24 and X applied the MiSMo Eye Cream Complex twice daily to clean cleansed skin on one of their eye area only.  The MiSMo Eye Cream Complex was applied around the top lid and brow bone area as well as under the eye area.  After this period, the women completed a questionnaire on the results from using the cream.  Photos were taken before the trial began, front and side on shots.  Every week thereafter, progress photos were taken and at the end of the trial period.



10/10 of the women reported a noticeable difference in lines around the eyes, fewer lines and softened lines.  7/10 of the women reported feeling the tightening of the under eye area lasting all day.  10/10 women reported less dark circles under their eyes and 8/10 women reported feeling their skin was more hydrated.  Some of the women's comments were as below:

"I noticed a definite improvement in dark circles from week 2 of using the cream onwards.  Clinic photos show a difference of three shades between the left and right eye!"

"It is great loveley to use, immediate and long lasting results.  Also a visible change to fine lines, brightness and skin tone."

"MiSMo eye cream has reduced the dark circles and puffiness under my eye and has lifted my upper eyelid.  My eye looks brighter"

"MiSMo eye cream has made me realise how tired my eyes have looked and i now look forward to purchasing the cream to see more benefits.  Thank you MiSMo."

The results of this clinical trial indicate that the active ingredients included in the MiSMo Eye Cream Complex do noticeably improve firmness, lift and tighten the skin above the eye and to reduce puffiness, dark circles and reduce lines.  In future clinical trials, ideally we would prefer to have a larger sample group.

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