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Do Dogs Need MSM?

MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) is a sulphur supplement that has gained a huge following
due to its ability to reduce pain, inflammation and the associated effects of arthritis in humans – but do dogs and cats need MSM too?

As pets age they suffer similar ailments to us, and the degradation of joints or osteoarthritis is one such problem. It can be hard to watch your four
legged friend age, as running makes way for a shuffling walk, stairs take longer, and lying on the floor becomes easier than getting up onto their
favourite couch.

An MSM supplement can replace the sulphur that your pet is lacking, reduce inflammation and importantly, provide pain relief which will be a big step towards
improving their quality of life. MSM is widely recognized by vets as one of the most effective treatments for age or injury related joint problems.

Does my dog need MSM?

A young dog on a well-balanced, raw diet will probably not need MSM, however older dogs, or those fed on commercial pet food should be given an MSM supplement,
as natural MSM is easily destroyed during cooking.

How much MSM can I give my dog or cat?

If your pet is showing signs of stiff joints, simply mix 500mg of MSM powder per 12kg (eg. for a 24kg dog, use 1g – around 1/4 tsp) into their drinking
water once a day, or sprinkle on their food, wet food can be a little easier. If your pet is over 40kg, use 1 teaspoon of MSM daily. MSM is an odourless
white crystal, which becomes colourless, and mostly tasteless when dissolved in enough water, so feeding it to your pet won’t be a struggle. (If however,
you have an exceptional fussy eater, try dissolving the MSM with a stock cube).

Other benefits of MSM include healthy skin and fur, stronger nails, and allergy relief!


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