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Cold Sores and MSM

Have you ever had a cold sore? If it’s yes you’ll be familiar with the first signs; you run your tongue over your lip and there’s a little bump. Did the
tingling come first or after you felt the bump.

The memory of my first cold sore is vivid. I wasn’t sure what the bump was but within hours the bump became a big, swollen sore lump. The pain and the
cold sore grew and became excessive as the days went by. It was just cruel, for over 2 weeks.

All that was available in the pharmacy was a generic “cold sore cream” that was useless.

Cold sores came and went as the years went by. A pattern was clear. Whenever my lips were dry, sun exposed, windburned or stress was heavy, up came the
dreaded cold sore. They would last up to 2 weeks, with a great deal of pain and discomfort.

Years down the track came MiSMo and Cell Soother. Zovirax was also around by then and always on hand.

One day the tingling started and I thought I’d give Cell Soother a go instead of Zovirax. I applied Cell Soother often, as you do Zovirax. A lovely surprise

  • No Swelling
  • No Pain
  • No real development of the cold sore
  • Scab was off in 3 -4 days instead of a week or two

Needless to say I have not used anything except Cell Soother since that day about 4 years ago for Cold Sores
and also a mild shingles outbreak.

Why would Cell Soother work. It contains the maximum amount of MSM you can physically use in a gel. 15% MSM (methylsulfonyl methane)  and Organic
Aloe Vera.

Both ingredients are:

  • anti-inflammatories hence reduction or no swelling
  • accelerate healing at a cellular level
  • have anti-viral properties

A week and a bit ago I succumbed to vanity and had a cosmetic tattoo on the outline of my lips – age has caught up and definition was minimal. It is common
for cold sores to erupt on the lips after cosmetic tattoo if you are susceptible.

All was well for 3 days as I flashed the new well defined lip shape. On Monday the bumps came – 8 of them all across my top lip. The bottom lip was spared
for some unknown reason.

MSM coldsores Tuesday

MSM coldsores Tuesday


MSM coldsores Tuesday


I had been applying Cell Soother several times a day since the tattoo was done. Paw Paw ointment was applied over Cell Soother. The usual recommended
product is Bepanthen from the pharmacy.

The exciting part has been that in spite of such a large number of Cold Sores there has been no pain and minimal swelling.  I looked a bit like Daffy
Duck on Wednesday but no pain.

The pretty shape was not being flashed for a few days with all those scabs but now Friday of the cold sores there are only 2 scabs left and thanks to
Cell Soother we’ll be ready for public scrutiny.  By Monday the last of the cold sores were gone and my lips clear again. To have 8 coldsores come
and go in 7 days is amazing.

Cosmetic Tattoos are done twice usually. After the first 5 or so days the tattooed area exfoliates and the colour reduces by about half. This is because
a lot of colour is on the surface of the skin. The skin is broken when a tattoo is applied so it scabs and peels away. My description not the salons!

The skin seems tougher the second time around and not as much colour is lost.

That’s my story for the week. I LOVE Cell Soother. It saves the day over and over.

It will be interesting to see how the second session goes on my lips in a few weeks time.

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