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Cell Soother and Cold Sores

Have you ever had a cold sore? If it’s yes you’ll be familiar with the first signs; you run your tongue over your lip and there’s a little bump. Did the
tingling come first or after you felt the bump?

Cold sores happen for a number of reasons with sun, wind and stress all playing a big role in contributing to a cold sore developing. The most commonly
known treatment for cold sores is a topical ointment called “Zovirax” available at your local pharmacy. However, MiSMo has another solution, one that
has been tried and tested by owner and founder of MiSMo, Irene McDonald, with great results.

When Irene first felt the tell tale signs of a cold sore on it’s way she applied Cell Soother. And what followed, she said,”was a lovely surprise!”

  • No Swelling
  • No Pain
  • No real development of the cold sore
  • Scab was off in 3 -4 days instead of a week or two

Why does Cell Soother work? Because it contains the maximum amount of MSM you can physically
use in a gel combined with organic Aloe Vera which is a legend in its own right.

Together these ingredients are:

  • anti-inflammatories hence reduction or no swelling
  • accelerate healing at a cellular level
  • have anti-viral properties


Day 1

Day 3

Day 6

These images were there the result of cosmetic lip tattooing. Cold sores healed very quickly with the application of Cell Soother 4 times daily.

The versatility of Cell Soother is fantastic with so many varied applications. In addition to helping with cold sores, Cell Soother can soothe sunburn, ease the itch and discomfort from mozzie bites, relieve muscle pain, help to fade and reduce scarring, and can also assist, as
seen above with the healing process from cosmetic tattooing, just to list a few! It’s a product we think every households should have. Incidentally,
Cell Soother was the first MiSMo product and is still fantastic.

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