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Mineral Makeup has to be the best change to cosmetics in the last 50 years. The Benefits go on and on:


  • It feels as light as air
  • Won’t clog pores
  • Calms and camouflages red skin
  • Breathes (imagine a fish’s scales gently rising and falling)
  • Is natural and gives a stunning natural finish
  • Provides a high sun protection factor
  • Holds up in very humid climates
  • Is safe to use one acne skins
  • Locally manufactured from Australian minerals
  • Quick and EASY

Mineral Makeup is perfect for all skin types including dry and oily, and is very economical. It is a foundation, powder and concealer all in one.

For those with redness or pigmentation which needs to be concealed the problem is over with a sweep of the brush. No more messy concealers or green tinted creams which make you look like a clown.


Even during an outbreak of Rosacea or pimples disguising the redness and angry surface will make you feel 100% better about your appearance. This in itself will help shorten the outbreak as stress extends these conditions.

Needless to say I’m hooked on minerals. For a long while I avoided loose minerals thinking they were too messy until one day a makeup artist suggested placing a tissue on the bench before starting the makeup routine. Problem solved in one small step.

Other advantages having the tissue on the bench include somewhere to wipe brushes after use for eyeshadow or eyeliner.

I tried really hard to use the mineral makeup in compacts for ease of use but it did not stay on my face for more than a few hours. Compact Mineral Makeup also contains dimethicone, necessary to hold the powder together but it is not a natural ingredient.

Mineral Makeup colours are very forgiving, meaning one colour can suit many skin colour tones. For people who develop some tan during summer and that is most countries, 2 makeup colours should be on hand. One for the cool seasons when you are more pale and one to use during summer. The beauty of loose minerals is colours can easily be mixed to get just the perfect colour.

MiSMo sells sample pots of mineral makeup so you can try the colour before purchasing or mix 2 colours to achieve that perfect shade.

Mineral eyeshadows give huge choices in colour tone. Use dry and colours can be soft through to strong. Use wet to achieve a “foiling” effect. The colours are dramatic and adhere very well.

Ingredients to avoid are talc and bismuth oxychloride. Bismuth can make your skin very itchy and worse still if you are prone to breakouts get ready for a big one.

Blush works well on darker skin shades from olive through to very dark. It lifts skin tone. Lighter skins can use either blush, bronzer or both.


Applying a moisturiser is essential before using Mineral makeup. Oil is the magic that gives long adhesion and a natural silky look. Mineral makeup can be applied directly after using an oil and that includes MiSMo A-C-E Vitamin C serum, perfect for dry skin types. The look is very much like a liquid in this case.

For those with very oily skin an oil free moisturiser is fine as your natural oils with come through within minutes and bind minerals to skin.

Makeup is fun and age doesn’t need to change that. Observe friends who don’t wear makeup. They rarely look as attractive or “finished” in appearance. It takes only a few moments to apply mineral makeup foundation and a minute to add blush and eyeshadow.


Makeup Tips for Mature Skin

When you reach a more mature age, there are a few subtle changes you can make to your makeup routine to focus and highlight different areas of your face.  If you’re interested in finding out a few tips read on.

The Right Foundation

We have spoken about this in quite a few blog posts recently, but it really is one of the most important steps to getting your makeup look right. Making sure you are using the right colour for you. (If you have been using the same colour for quite some time it might be worth switching it up a bit to ensure it is actually the best colour for you).  You will also need to have different colour foundation for Summer and Winter.

If choosing a mineral foundation colour just know that Mineral Makeup is very forgiving and covers a range of skin colours, which makes choosing the right colour that little bit easier.

Choose A Lighter More Natural Shade For Your Lips

Steer away from dark colour lip shades as they tend to be more ageing. Lighter colours like pinks and roses are much softer and produce a more natural

Eye Pencils Instead Of Liquid Eyeliner

Eye pencils create a softer look, smudging the eye pencil is also a nice technique to try.  Don’t put eyeliner on the inside of your eyes particularly if you have small eyes as it will only make them looks smaller. Also grey instead of black eye pencil  is always a good choice. MiSMo’s Slate Eye Pencil would be ideal.

Highlight Eyebrows

Your eyebrows frame your face and it is really important to finish off your makeup look with your eyebrows. MiSMo offers two options: Brow Define, a very easy to use butter or Eyebrow/Eyeliner pencil.  Highlighting your eyebrows helps to give them shape, definition and of course colour.

Try Some Highlighter

Using a highlighter in a few specific areas can help to give a lovely glow. Highlighter can be applied to just above the cheekbones, under the eye and under the brow line. A touch can also be applied to cupids bow.

After everything is said and done a more natural makeup look is always a good choice each and every time, which is a great rule of thumb to follow at any age.

Enough with our tips, are there any makeup tips you already apply that you could share with us?



Are you Wearing the Right Colour Foundation?

Have you ever noticed a women wearing the wrong colour foundation? I have and it was only just the other day. The colour was much too pale and it did not look at all natural which reminded me how important it is to get this step right in your makeup routine.

It also made me think of mineral makeup foundation and how easy it is to achieve a natural look without having “caked on” look too.

Mineral makeup foundation also has many healthy skin benefits plus a host of other benefits too. These benefits include-:

  • Waterproof – works just as well at the gym or pool as it does the office.
  • Minerals also provide your skin with a natural sun protection to help prevent sun damage and premature aging.
  • Minerals will actually help improve your skin by providing it with the nutrients needed, healing acne and other skin conditions.
  • Mineral Foundation is more cost effective than traditional foundations with advantages of very good antibacterial properties having a much longer shelf life.
  • Those with Rosacea, pigmentation marks and acne can feel safe using mineral makeup
  • Minerals breathe and don’t clog skin.
  • Mismo mineral makeup does NOT use Bismuth Oxychloride, nano particles, preservative or Talc

Getting back to choosing the right mineral makeup foundation here’s a foolproof test for you to try.

Put a line of foundation down the middle of your cheek and gently blend the colour into your skin. If the colour blends seamlessly then you have the right colour. If not, keep trying until you get that seamless match.

MiSMo produces its own mineral makeup range which includes a great selection of foundations in both mineral powder and liquid. There is detailed information for each colour that will also help
you to decide which colour is best for you PLUS MiSMo also sells samples sizes, which is a great way to make extra sure you get the correct colour.

In addition to the mineral foundations, the range also includes a mineral bronzer,
veil, blush highlighter and some very fun eyeshadow colours.


Treat Acne Holistically and Naturally

Pimples and acne are difficult to contend with on a daily basis. Not only just from a product standpoint but in severe cases, self-confidence among other things can also be affected.

When dealing with these skin issues there are a couple of ways to go about it and in most cases just like our belief when dealing with pain, the best way is to tackle it both internally and topically.

In regards to internally, there are certain supplements that you can consider to help strengthen the immune system and can assist with a healthy and smooth complexion. These include Vitamin C, Zinc, and Essential Fatty Acid supplements.

There has also been very strong research that demonstrates the connection between good gut health and skin health. For example, “ A recent study (from 2010) showed clinical improvement of acne symptoms over a twelve-week period when the patients consumed Lactobacillus-fermented milk.”*

There is a great deal more of this type of research to indicate that a regular dose of a good quality probiotic can help to improve acne. In addition, you can also get your daily dose of probiotics from certain food sources too like Kimchi and pickled/fermented food e.g sauerkraut,  so it is worth exploring these options further if you’re interested.

So let’s get to using products topically on your face. It’s important to use products that won’t strip your natural oils, as this will only make things worse and not better. Lack of moisture is often found in problem skin so it’s essential you use products that help to keep skin hydrated also. Keeping bacteria at bay and reducing inflammation are also very necessary in these particular skin conditions.


MiSMo has some very targeted and effective products to help combat and control acne naturally.

Daily Face Wash, Blemish Gel , New Age Moisturiser with Sunscreen and Boost Oil Free Moisturiser are all part of MiSMo’s anti-acne range. Each serves a unique purpose in helping to get pimples and acne under control.

Daily Face Wash includes Glycolic and Salycilic Acids also known as AHA’s/BHA’s that work together to effectively clear pimples and skin blockages as well as exfoliating dead skin cells.
Glycolic Acid is an AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acid while Salicylic Acid is a BHA or Beta Hydroxy Acid. Specifically, the job of both acids are to loosen the glue that holds dead skin cells on the skin. Loosening and dissolving the skin cells is exactly what you want went dealing with pimples as it also helps to clear oil that has clogged pores which inevitably leads to blemishes.

Blemish Gel is an innovative and unique natural acne treatment. This product includes Vitamins A, B3 and 5 all of which are well known for their effectiveness when it comes to acne. In addition to this, Blemish Gel also includes an ingredient called This fantastic botanically derived ingredient has proven anti-acne benefits that include controlling excess oil, inflammation, and most importantly bacteria. You can use this as a moisturiser all over the face or just on the affected areas.

Boost Oil Free Moisturiser is as the name suggests an oil-free moisturiser. It is super light, however, still offers effective hydration to the skin and will also work to soothe and calm any irritations.

New Age Moisturiser with Sunscreen works well if your skin is in the normal range, not oily. This light cream will provide hydration as well as sun protection and the zinc is also calming and healing for pimples.

A suggested MiSMo skincare routine to help combat pimples could look like this –:

  1. Cleanse with Daily Face Wash Morning and Night
  2. Use Blemish Gel on pimples or can also be used as a moisturiser – use morning and night
  3. Boost Oil-free Moisturiser – if you’re wanting to use a moisturiser then apply Boost morning and night also
  4. Alternative to BOOST – New Age with Sunscreen – use after Blemish Gel
  5. Exfoliating regularly can also help

Although if you’re wanting a routine tailored uniquely for yourself then please contact MiSMo to speak with one of our resident beauty therapists. They are always on hand to help with any product recommendations and can help you to make informed choices about what products will work best for you.

*Source; Kim J, Ko Y, Park YK, Kim NI, Ha WK, Cho Y. Dietary effect of lactoferrin-enriched fermented milk on skin surface lipid and clinical improvement
of acne vulgaris. Nutrition. 2010;26(9):902-9.



​Fun Eye Makeup Looks

Ti’s the season for Christmas parties and get togethers. If you’re wanting to try a few different looks to get you through the season, here’s a few suggestions:

Rose Mocha Eyes and Lips

Rose Mocha is a pretty base colour for the eyelid at any age. Rose Mocha has a soft brown base, hence the Mocha, but the pink tones show through. When used all over the eyelid as a wash it will become quite translucent and subtle. You can add more in the eye socket for definition.

How to Use

Shake a small amount of eyeshadow into lid. Dip the shadow brush into the minerals and tap off excess. Apply eyeshadow in short strokes rather than drawing long lines. Short strokes will adhere better.


Mix a small amount of water with the eyeshadow and apply to lips. Rose Mocha leaves a pretty pink hue.

Cat Eyes

This very popular look is a great one to have in your repertoire. It tends to widen the eyes and lift the brow almost.

Using a eyeliner liquid pen start from the inside of the eye and paint as close to your lash line as you possibly can. Start fine and gradually thicken as you go along then get finer again towards the end of the eye, bring the tail up and extend out. You can use the end of your eyebrow as a reference point. Tip – With round eyes you can extend the eyeliner higher towards your brow. With almond shaped eyes you won’t need to take the eyeliner as high.


Smokey Purple Eyes

You can achieve this using the colour Violet in the MiSMo mineral eyeshadow range. Violet is a beautiful shade used regularly by makeup artists on both young and mature age groups. Younger girls love the vivacious rich violet for night use and you simply layer more powder to achieve this look. Soft aubergine is very flattering for a mature lady.

To get the smokey purple eye look –

Step 1: Apply White Pearl over the entire eye lid and also take it up towards your brow bone.

Step 2: Apply Storm from the outer lid in the crease of your eyelid to half way (to the mid line of the brow) and blend with angle brush.

Step 3: Apply Violet on the outer lid of your eye and blend.

Step 4: Add a precise thin line under your eye along the lashline and blend with your brush to give you the smokey effect.

Step 5: Look at both eyes and add or blend where necessary. Tip – Blending is important for the smokey effect.

Step 6: Apply a liquid or pencil liner close to the lash line creating a precise eyeline effect to finish the look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with these looks and have a little fun!

Aloe Vera – Another Favourite MiSMo Ingredient

In addition to MiSMo’s star ingredient MSM (source of organic Sulphur) that features heavily
in the natural skincare and pain relief range, there’s another key ingredient that is just as important. Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera itself contains over 200 identified ingredients. They include 20 of the 22 amino acids with other active ingredients consisting of minerals,
vitamins, enzymes and glycoproteins, each with very specific properties.

For example Lupeol and Salicylic Acid are effective pain killers; Vitamins A, C, E, B12 & F are strong antioxidants that help to regenerate cells
deep in the skin while naturally present enzymes speed up the exfoliation process.

Further to this, Aloe Vera’s healing abilities are well known and documented. Which makes this one super plant in our eyes!

Natural Aloe Vera is a translucent pale golden shade, not green as you see in some products and has been used for centuries to help with a range of
health conditions and skin ailments including dermatitis and psoriasis.

MiSMo has utilised Aloe Vera’s benefits in a couple of ways. To heal and soothe certain
problematic skin conditions, to provide hydration, to assist with rapid cell regeneration (which means younger, smoother looking skin) and to help with
reducing inflammation from muscle and joint pain thanks to its powerful anti-inflammatory powers.

There are over 240 species of Aloe Vera growing in various parts of the world however, there are only 4 types of Aloe Vera that provide nutritional value
to humans with the best for consumption being Aloe Barbadensis Miller.

MiSMo uses Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice and sources locally grown Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera can be found in almost every MiSMo product with the exception of two (Anti-Wrinkle Creamand Firming Mask), with Cell Soother containing the highest amount of this “miracle plant”.

Cell Soother is a combination of MSM and Aloe Vera to create an incredible gel formulation.
First aid and beauty in a bottle is what Cell Soother offers you!


An interesting Aloe Vera fact;

“In the ancient Egypt, Aloe Vera was popular as ‘plant of immortality’, and Egyptians also used it as a part of their burial rituals. Cleopatra included the plant in her beauty regimen and used the plant on her body and face.”

New Rosacea Treatment

It’s been a long while since I’ve written about any new Rosacea treatments. About a year ago we attended a seminar where a dermatologist spoke in detail
about Rosacea.

The doctor’s assessment was that there are two distinct sets of symptoms of Rosacea and these symptoms should be treated differently.

  • Redness 
  • Blemishes, pimples and lumps and bumps that arise from the condition

A new cream called Soolantra is available for the treatment of blemishes and pimples. This is available only on prescription from your local doctor. It
costs around $50 for a 50 gram tube which lasts a few months. For me it was the best money I’ve ever spent for this awful skin condition.

You have to be vigilant and use Soolantra every day (for me at night). Initially I was
one of those people who used it for a few days and said “hey this doesn’t work!” and put it in the drawer – big mistake. After yet another breakout I started
using the cream regularly. I don’t really know how long it took, probably a few weeks, when I realised there were no lumps and bumps coming up.

This has been the most exciting discovery in the last 15 years for me, to have constantly clear skin. MiSMo takes care of the ageing part.

Now you really should know the background and why Soolantra works as this has been an area of controversy for many years and probably still is.

The Demodex mite lives primarily on facial skin but research has shown those with Rosacea have 15 to 18 times greater numbers than regular skin types.
Soolantra contains an active ingredient that kills those nasty little mites.This mite is common in animals too.

Your doctor should be able to advise how long to use the cream. I’ve only used 1 tube and stopped a couple of weeks ago with no breakouts at all. However
this does not mean cure as there is no cure for Rosacea.

As I’ve mentioned before IPL was an excellent treatment for facial spider veins and also has eliminated the redness on my face.

Another interesting spinoff from Rosacea emerged recently for me. I have a couple of eyelashes on the lower lid that grow inwards to the eyeball. Yes can
be a bit irritating but your local optometrist will remove them free of charge. Turns out this is a common problem for Rosacea sufferers!

Hope this helps those fellow sufferers so now all we have to deal with is those pesky lines and MiSMo has those covered.


Everything You Need to Keep Your Makeup Looking Great All Day and Night too!

To ensure you makeup looks fresh all day, stock your make-up bag with all the essentials. Although you may have a large collection of beauty implements
at home, it’s great to always have a small selection of beauty basics ready to go at any time. The bag should be small enough to fit into your purse
but should contain enough products to keep you looking flawless throughout the day.

A moisturising mineral liquid or powder foundation with the SPF ingredient Zinc is the first step to a flawless appearance. The foundation will give your skin an even tone and beautiful color.
The SPF is important to protect your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. A non pore-clogging mineral foundation helps you avoid any unwanted blemishes.

To set your foundation, a good mineral veil powder is priceless. Powder also adds
to the even tone and porcelain finish that makes your skin look young and perfect. Apply mineral veil throughout the day to eliminate any shine that
comes from sweat or oil buildup. Always use blush for enhancing your cheekbones.

Include several palettes of mineral eye shadow. Subtle colors
are perfect for the daytime and will not overpower your look for work. Earth tones look natural but still help enhance the beauty of your eyes. Your
shadow can contain a bit of shimmer whether it will be worn during the daytime or evening. Use a color palette that includes smoky grays along with
a few bright colors for the evening. If you need to do a touch up between work and an evening event, these color palettes will offer the more dramatic
effect you want.

Eyeliner in black and brown are ideal for accentuating your eyes. Brown eyeliner is less dramatic, making it perfect for daytime use. Black eyeliner can be applied in a thin line
for a subtle enhancement or thickly for a dramatic look. For a party look, consider using your black eyeliner to form dramatic cat eyes.

You should include at least two lipstick colors. One should be your go to lipstick color. That may be pink, earth tone or red depending on your skin
tone. Always include a second color that makes your lips the center of attention. Lipstick should include a moisturiser to avoid chapped lips. Also,
include a colorless lip balm that can be applied before your lipstick to avoid dry, scaly lips. Tip – Rose Mocha eyeshadow makes a beautiful lipstick colour just add a little water to the powder and apply to lips.

Keep these basics available at all times to keep your appearance fresh and include a few pieces that will make your look more dramatic in minutes.
A well-stocked bag will keep you looking great all day while making it simple for you to go from your regular work look to a dramatic night time look.



​How MSM Can Help with Yoga and Pilates

According to health experts just 30 minutes a day of both aerobic and muscle strengthening activity is needed to stay fit and healthy.

In regards to strengthening activities, Pilates and yoga have been suggested as some great options.

The advantages for keeping in shape has many physical and mental well-being benefits, as I am sure you already know. But what if pain, arthritis or
lack of flexibility is holding you back?

If this is the case then we have a solution… MSM.         

MSM: Nature’s Anti-inflammatory

MSM a source of Organic Sulphur is well known for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is associated with a number of characteristics,
says MD Stanley W Jacob who co-authored the Miracle of MSM, these include:

  • Redness
  • Heat 
  • Pain 
  • Swelling 
  • Loss of function of a particular body part (s)

MSM is able to have an impact on each of these inflammatory characteristics which in turn also reduces any pain associated with the inflammation. As it
seems once inflammation is reduced pain is too. MSM can also help as a muscle relaxant which reduces spasms.

Flexibility and Recovery

MSM can help with an increased range of motion due to its ability to create new healthy cells and providing the flexible bond between the cells. Without
the proper levels of MSM our bodies are unable to build good healthy cells which leads to problems like loss of flexibility. Having a larger range
of motion will help you to get more out of your yoga poses also, allowing the possibility to go deeper into certain poses to get bigger releases.

You will also see less down time from sore muscles with recovery between classes quicker due to MSM’s ability to enhance tissue pliability which encourages
speedy repair coupled with its ability to improve and increase circulation in the body. 

If pain or lack of flexibility has restricted you from participating in yoga and Pilates why not try a daily dose of MSM to experience the benefits this powerful mineral has to offer. You may even find you have increased energy too, just one of the many extra bonuses
you can expect from incorporating MSM into your everyday routine.



​Are you Magnesium Deficient?

Unfortunately, there is a significant percentage of adults that are magnesium deficient. Some research indicates up to 90%. This is a worry given the vital
impact magnesium plays in the body. Upwards of 300 processes in the body according to studies. This is due to a few reasons, a couple of which include
soil degradation, environmental pollution and a swing in diets towards more processed foods. All of which have drastically reduced the amount of magnesium
we are able to absorb and use.

According to Dr. Carolyn Dean:

“Magnesium is farmed out of the soil much more than calcium… A hundred years ago, we would get maybe 500 milligrams of magnesium in an ordinary
diet. Now we’re lucky to get 200 milligrams.”

Stress also plays a big role and effects how our bodies absorb the mineral. With a 2015 Stress and Wellbeing survey conducted by the Australian Psychology
Society reporting lower levels of general wellbeing and higher levels of stress, depression and anxiety symptoms, it’s no wonder many Australians could
be having trouble maintaining their magnesium supplies.

Without the correct amount of daily magnesium people can experience symptoms like muscle cramps, anxiety and high blood pressure just to list a few. Fatigue
and low energy levels can also be an indication that perhaps your Magnesium levels are deficient among other symptoms.

While certain foods like seaweed and green leafy vegetables like spinach are an excellent source of magnesium, as are some beans, nuts, and seeds, like
pumpkin, sunflower, and sesame seeds, as mentioned earlier due to different farming practices they just don’t contain enough of the valuable mineral to
ensure you are getting the required daily intake.

With this in mind, magnesium supplements are an effective way to boost your magnesium levels. There are many different types of Magnesium and different
ways to use Magnesium. There are oral supplements and transdermal Magnesium which is applied to the body in the form of a Magnesium Oil.

Magnesium Chloride is best known for its transdermal qualities. It’s a great
way to deliver an excellent boost while avoiding side effects like diarrhea associated with many of the oral magnesium supplements.

If you’re feeling any of the symptoms above it might be worth considering a Magnesium supplement. Having a chat to your healthcare professional about Magnesium
and how it might help you could also be a helpful conversation to consider.




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