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Are You Using The Wrong Face Cloth?

Most ladies have a lot of tools in our facial cleansing and care toolbox, and one of the most common tools we use is the face cloth. Face cloths help us
accomplish a number of cleansing goals, including exfoliating the skin and expediting the facial cleansing process. But did you know that you may be using
the wrong type of face cloth?

The Problem With Terry Cloth Face Cloths

The most common type of face cloth on the market today is the terry cloth face cloth. Inexpensive and easily accessible, these face cloths continue to
be one of the most popular on the beauty market today. Unfortunately, towelling face cloths become coarse after only a wash or two and can take a long
time to fully dry. Because of this, your rough and rugged face cloth may also be loaded with bacteria, both of which may further exacerbate your skin and
cause irritation.

In addition to this, regular cloths are only able to pick up a certain amount of dirt and grime from your skin, leaving smaller particles behind. Often
they don’t work well to remove makeup and you may find yourself rubbing vigorously at the skin which can cause irritation, especially around the eye area.  

The Best Wash Cloths For Your Skin

At MiSMo we encourage all everyone to ditch the terry cloth and to instead use the more modern and technologically advanced alternative: microfiber.

Microfibres are super soft on your skin, easy to rinse out, and they dry quickly. Face cloths made of this amazing material will leave your skin incredibly
soft without the irritation which often results when one uses a towelling face washer. The very thin fibres are able to attract tiny particles and keep
your face incredibly clean.


Available from MiSMo is an innovative microfibre face cloth which can drastically cut the amount of time you spend cleansing your face. With the MiSMo
microfibre face cloth or mitt,
all you need to do is add water and you can remove make-up quickly while lightly exfoliating the skin and preserving your skin’s delicate acid mantle.
These face clothes can be used hundreds of times, can cleanse arms and legs, and are a must-have for travellers and campers this summer, so you don’t have
to pack a heap of cleansing products!

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