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Foundation is the basis and the most important part of your makeup routine. Choosing the right foundation colour sets the scene for a successful outcome.

Any other color you apply goes on top of this layer, so it is critical that you choose the right one or else you'll look unnaturally made up with colour clashes that usually go with wrong colour mixes.

Foundation should match your skin and accent colours in the form of Bronzer and Blush give provide glow and sun kissed finishes.

Why use Minerals?  Anyone with any skin type can use MiSMo Mineral Foundation. It works on all types of skin, is lightweight, hypoallergenic, and can even make your skin healthier. Minerals provide coverage without having to cake a product on your face.

The only problem you might encounter with loose minerals is some spillage on your bathroom counter. Easily fixed! Before you start, put a tissue on the counter. This also gives you somewhere to wipe brushes when changing colours, using eye shadow for instance.

MiSMo Mineral Makeup Foundation has many healthy skin benefits over traditional foundation

  • Waterproof! It works just as well at the gym or pool as it does the office.
  • Minerals provide your skin with a natural sun protection of 15 - 26+ to help prevent sun damage and premature aging
  • Minerals will actually help improve your skin by providing it with the nutrients needed, healing acne and other skin conditions.
  • MiSMo Mineral Foundation is more cost effective than traditional foundations with advantages of very good antibacterial properties having a much longer shelf life. MiSMo Mineral Makeup is much better for your skin than the chemical ridden traditional foundation
  • Those with Rosacea, pigmentation marks and acne can feel safe using MiSMo Mineral makeup.
  • Minerals breathe and don't clog skin.
  • MiSMo uses no Bismuth Oxychloride (a known irritant), nano particles, dimethicone, preservatives or Talc.
  • MiSMo Mineral makeup is all made in Australia from Australian ingredients.

Mica: Adds a pearlescent finish; fine mineral powder

Titanium: Used as a pigment; UVA and UVB intercepting properties; helps waterproof; natural finish

Zinc Oxide: UVA and UVB sunscreen; antibacterial; calms skin; occurs naturally as Zincite;

Boron: Helps adherance; gives silky elegant finish; anti bacterial; masks fine lines; found in the crust of the earth.

Magnesium Myristate: Adds moist softness; better adhesion; improves coverage and longer wear time; safe to use on eyes and face.

Magnesium Stearate: Aids slip and adhesion.

Rice Powder: Ancient secret to absorb oil slowly, it works with the natural oils. Translucent, lightweight and gives a matt finish.

Serecites: Aids adhesion and shine which reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Kaolin clay: Offers coverage, great adhesion and creamy texture; reduces shine. There are many grades of Kaolin, some of which may be drying. MiSMo uses the best quality which does not create this side effect.

Oxide: Cosmetic grade iron oxides are used to add colour.


Foundation Brush: The quality of the brush used to apply Mineral makeup is critical if you are to achieve a flawless finish for your Mineral makeup. Please don't make the mistake of thinking "I have a brush at home, it will do". This is such a common mistake and it is not worth spoiling a flawless finish.

Shape is also important. A Kabuki or Dome shaped head is used for loose minerals. MiSMo Mineral Foundation brushes are a professional quality, extremely dense and luxuriously soft. They have been specifically designed to work with MiSMo Mineral powder and container size. The brush head is a perfect fit to work from the container lid. A good brush is an investment and will last for many years if looked after. Wash brushes regularly, at least every couple of weeks.

Blush/Bronzer Brush: An angled brush is an easy solution for applying bronzer or blush. The hairs lay down minerals in a softer and more blended manner than a flat brush. Soft natural sable blend is used in the MiSMo Blush/bronzer professional brush. This brush can also be used to apply Mineral Veil. Use a towel or tissue to remove colour before using the translucent Mineral Veil.

Highlighter Brush: A Soft goat blend is used for our Highlighter brush. It is equally at home applying eye shadow. The size and shape is ideal for both jobs. The head is a half moon shape which makes applying highlighter and eye shadow very quick and easy.

Angle Brush: Ideal for applying eyeliner or eyebrow colour. The hairs are a mix of Italian Badger and Taklon again a professional brush.

Small Eyeshadow Brush: Great eyeshadow brush, soft and makes application a breeze

Care: Wash brushes regularly and they will last many years. Use a mild shampoo to remove all powder and rinse well. Shake excess water  and air dry upside down in a glass or similar.

CRUELTY FREE:  MiSMo guarantees hair used in our brushes is obtained in a cruelty free manner, much like wool from sheep.

BLUSH - WHY USE IT?  The face can look a little bland without areas like your cheeks discreetly emphasised. A small amount of Blush or Bronzer will finish off your look in just a few seconds. Use Blush on the apples of the cheeks. Smile and you'll see the apples rise on your cheeks. That's the spot. Watch our video on how to apply Mineral Make up and Blush

BRONZER: Bronzer gives a more sunkissed look than Blush. Bronzer is applied to those areas that the sun catches; below the cheekbones in an arc, a little on forehead, nose and chin. You can use Bronzer without Makeup if you choose.

HIGHLIGHTER: A secret tool that will give definition to your brow bone and cheekbone. A flick of the highlighter brush after you've applied blush or bronzer will give your face a makeup artists finish. It is amazing what this translucent powder can achieve. If you're mature and starting to get the droopy eyes this will pick you up. Young girls will get the WOW factor. Also used in the corner of the eye to lighten the darkness most people have.

MINERAL VEIL: This is a translucent powder which does a few jobs. It will absorb excess oil during the day and give a matt finish to makeup when applied over the whole face. Rice powder is a fantastic ingredient of Mineral Veil which gives a silky feel to your face after use. Mineral Veil can be used before or after Makeup, blush or bronzer are applied. The colour of your makeup will not be changed.

The second must use place for Mineral Veil is the eyelids. Eyelids are very oily and this is why eyeshadow creases. Use Mineral Veil to provide a perfect base for eyeshadow.

The last reason to use Mineral Veil is to give extra lasting power to your makeup.

MINERAL EYESHADOW: Eyeshadow is the crowning glory in your makeup application. Eyelids are always a different colour to your face. You can apply 1 neutral elegant shade or a combination of 2 or 3 shades. The beauty of mineral eyeshadow is that one colour can be used to achieve the palest shade to the deepest. You can mix it with a drop of water to make a "foil" colour. These are deep satiny shades which can also be used as eyeliners.

You will look like a star without worrying about chemicals and preservatives!


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