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MiSMo 20 beayty TipsS

We can all improve and make the absolute most of the skin we have been given for life.

There is no exchange program for skin
so we need to look after it from an early age.

Mismo has put together a few hints and tips that can steer you in the right direction:

Why do we need to cleanse daily, better still morning and night?
Dead skin cells are constantly being shed, day and night. Also being expelled is the excess oil our body produces. Both the oil and dead cells need to be removed so pores do not become clogged which means the skin can breathe freely and cleanly.

What is the result if we do not cleanse?
Pimples, blackheads and cyst type breakouts result from blocked pores. Your skin will not look as clear and radiant.

Is this the only reason for pimples and acne?
No but it is a big contributor. Add bacteria to the excess oil, dead cells and you have a pimple in the making. Bacteria is present on everyone’s hands and touching the face can spread the germs. Diet and hormones are big factors too.

Does touching your face or a pimple make things worse?
Yes. Train yourself not to touch or squeeze pimples on any part of your body. They can take much longer to heal, become larger or even scar. Yes it is a really hard lesson to learn but worth every effort.

Why do we need to exfoliate?
By using an exfoliator we can keep the skin’s surface free of dead cells. As we age it takes longer for the cells to come away by themselves. A cleanser with tiny beads speeds up the process. By doing this the complexion looks more radiant, clear and youthful.

What are the other benefits of exfoliation?
It can reduce breakouts of pimples and acne in people of all age groups. Moisturisers and other products work much better on an exfoliated skin. They can get to where the moisture or treatment needs to be, not sit on a bed of dead skin cells.

How often do I need to exfoliate?
For normal skin 2 – 3 times a week. For Sensitive skin and skin with visible veins only once a week, very gently. Always let the beads do the work. You are not meant to “scrub”.

What technique should I use for exfoliator or cleanser?
Wet your face and neck at the sink or in the shower. Start with wet hands. Apply a small amount, about the size of a pearl, on to your finger and place the four fingers of each hand together, at right angles, using a circular motion so all four fingers are covered with exfoliator or cleanser. Using finger tips only is too rough.Apply from your nose to ear and chin areas, gently, in large circles using the four fingers, not just the finger tips, of each hand. Do not use an exfoliator on the fine skin under the eye.

Move to the forehead and sides using smaller circles. Be thorough on the nose and folds of the nose where oils can build up. Use upward sweeping movements on the throat, one hand after the other. Make sure you include the back of the neck and ears. Rinse well with lukewarm water, never hot.

I can’t stress too much, be gentle. Let the exfoliating beads do the work. You are not sanding your face.

Should I let the shower run on my face?
No. The force of water from a shower head can damage the tiny capillaries of the face. This can lead to spider veins being visible. Always cup the water on to your face.

How soon after a shower or cleansing at the sink should I apply my creams?
Immediately. Conditions are at their very best to accept your treating and moisturizing routine straight after cleansing. Skin is warm, moist and ready. Use any gel or serum first, followed by moisturiser. Your face should come first, then the body lotion to arms, hands and legs.

I can’t use cleansers, are there any alternatives?
Yes, a microfibre cloth is the answer. The fibres need to be super fine and specially manufactured for the face. A microfibre cloth can remove make-up including mascara using just water. The difference between a microfibre and a cotton washer is that microfibre breaks the bond between either surface oil or make-up and holds it in the cloth. A cotton washer can’t do this. Try to wipe up some kitchen oil using just a cotton cloth. You will notice the residue. Microfibre cleans using just water and holds the oil until washed with soap and water.

Why shouldn’t I use soap on my face?
Most supermarket soaps have a high pH. This dries out the natural surface oils and is the reason skin is left feeling tight and dry. They often contain irritants and should always be avoided on the face.

When should I use a treatment gel or serum?
After cleansing. Even young skins will benefit. Think of serums as preventative treatment as well as corrective.

What do serums do?
They provide concentrated special ingredients to deliver extra firmness and elasticity to the skin. Usually lines and wrinkles are targeted as well. If you are keen to keep your looks at their best or improve your complexion pay special attention to serums.

Which treatment is best for sun damaged, ageing or Rosacea skin types?
Vitamin C A and E are superb for treating all these problems.

I have oily skin what should I use?
A wash off cleanser that is mild. Most of the oily/acne treatments strip the skin of natural oils. When this happens the body reacts by producing extra oil.

Which moisturiser should I use for oily skin?
A light moisturiser with some oil to prevent the merry go round of the body producing to compensate for stripping the skin.

Which moisturiser should I use for normal or dry skn?
A nourishing cream which contains a richer blend of ingredients including extra oils. These can be used day and night if the formulation is light.

Why should I take supplements?
When people have problem skin such as Acne, Rosacea, Eczema or dry skin they are usually deficient in lipids (oils) and Vitamin A. Think of having a treatment from the inside out. Vitamin A in the form of Cod Liver Oil or Beta Carotene can help supply Vitamin A and promote the pathway of sebum (oil) through the body without blockages, a great help with skin problems. Essential Fatty Acids (Omega’s) are also a huge help. If you can eat deep sea fish 3 times a week, fantastic. In reality most people don’t, so get on to supplements. Ask at your local health food shop.

How does MSM powder help?
MSM powder is the other part of helping from the inside out. Skin on the whole body is usually softer within about 2 weeks. A sheen on the legs is an early indication.

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