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10 Easy Tips for Beautiful Skin

1.  Drink lots of water!  A hydrated body will more easily transport needed nutrients to organs and remove toxins.  This includes your largest organ, your skin!

2.  Remove dirt and free radicals that can clog pores, but using a good Cleanser or Daily Face Wash!  It’s a quick 30 seconds and will prevent blemishes developing.

3.  Use a good moisturiser!  It’s great to hydrate from the inside out, but you also need to hydrate skin from the outside in.  Depending on whether you have dry or oily skin will determine how creamy and hydrating you need your moisturiser to be or whether you require an oil free moisturiser.

4.  Exfoliate 2 – 3 times a week.  Really clear your pores and remove dead skin cells, so the new, healthy and replenished skin cells are more visible.  This will make your skin look more radiant!

5.  Use a mask 1 -2 times a week.  You’ll be surprised at how soft your skin feels afterwards!  It’s a good idea to use a mask on the same day that you exfoliate, so once dead cells are removed, you are giving the skin lots of nutrients for the fresh layer of new skin cells.

6.  The Big 30!  This is when you should start using anti-ageing skin care.  This includes an Anti-Wrinkle Cream, Eye Cream and a good ACE Serum.  Vitamin A in the serum assists in the replication of healthy cells and the removal of dead skin cells.  Vitamin C in the serum aids the repair of damaged skin cells, include sun damage.

7.  Sun protection!  Use a sunscreen when out and about, cover up and wear protective clothing.  Gone are the day of sunbathing for hours on end – have you seen how leathery this makes your skin later in life?  Also instead of looking for sunscreen in your moisturisers, best to look for sunscreen in your foundation.

8.  They say everything in moderation, but really some things should be never.  Don’t smoke.  Period.

9.  Move!  Physical activity not only makes you feel good, but increases oxygen flow around the body.  Your skin will look more healthy and vibrant for it!

10.  Sleep.  Get a bare minimum of 6 hours of quality sleep a night and you’ll avoid those dark circles and bags under your eyes.

Skin care tips

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