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Salad For Your Skin?

Thursday, April 17, 2014
I am always hearing about eating your way to better health and was wondering whether I could 'eat my way to better skin?'...So I decided to look into some ingredients that are great for our skin and create some recipes that I could regularly cook to improve my skin as well as my health.

I thought I'd start with a salad seeing that the warm sunny salad days will soon be gone.  Stay tuned as I already have some great ideas for some heart warming dishes for the upcoming colder weather.  

Super Skin Salad
(Serves 4)
4 cups of Baby Spinach
1 Cup Quinoa Cooked
230g Chickpeas Cooked (or 1 Tin)
1 Avocado Diced
1/2 Cup Chopped Almonds
2 Tablespoons Lemon Juice
1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
1 Small Garlic Clove Crushed

1. Combine Quinoa, Chickpeas, diced avocado and chopped almonds in a large bowl and gently toss.
2. Shake the lemon juice, Olive Oil and Garlic in a small jar to make the dressing.
3. Add the spinach leaves to the quinoa, chickpeas and avocado and add the dressing, gentle toss all ingredients.

Skin Benefits of The Salad Ingredients!
Spinach-is packed with anti-oxidants which work to slow down the ageing process and protect skin cells, spinach also strengthens our skin tissue and is high in anti-inflammatory properties.
Quinoa-high levels of magnesium promote skin elasticity and regenerate skin cells, while vitamin B2 (riboflavin) builds up connective tissues and is integral to cell reparation
Chickpeas-The manganese in chickpeas helps skin cells produce energy and fights wrinkle-causing free-radical damage and they also contain large amounts of folate - a B vitamin that skin cells need in order to repair damage from sun and toxins.
Avocado-A good source of biotin, avocados help to prevent dry skin, brittle hair and nails.
Almonds-Are a great source of Vitamin E Omega -3's two elements that keep your skin cells plump and healthy.
Lemon Juice-Lemon helps in the detoxification process of the body and, is full of Vitamin C which is also responsible for building up collagen in our skin, which helps keep our skin firm and young
Garlic-is a natural anti-oxidant and also wonderful for our skin.

Do You Have Any Healthy Skin Recipes or Juices That You'd Like To Share?

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Dry Skin Or Dehydrated Skin?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dry Skin or Dehydrated Skin? 

 Discover the difference and glow

The term “dehydrated skin” has taken on a life of its own in recent years. Dry skin and dehydrated skin are very different conditions.

Most beauty counter assistants at a department store will tell you your skin is dehydrated. It seems to have been a standard practice for years and has to be the best sales pitch of all times.

How many times have you been sold over-rated products based on how bad you felt after having your skin pronounced "Dehydrated" with a solemn shake of the head?

Equipment used by beauty therapists helps confirm an initial visual diagnosis by the therapist whether the skin is dry, normal or oily type. From this point a diagnosis of dehydrated may be made. Any skin ‘type’ can be dehydrated. A magnifying lamp is apiece of equipment used by beauty therapists to help accurately analyse the skin. Cleansed skin is required to perform an accurate assessment.

A beauty counter assistant with no tools is not in a position to judge skin dehydrated. The customer is often wearing make-up which makes a diagnosis more difficult.

There is a vast difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin. Dry skin is a skin condition and means skin is lacking in oil (lipids). Dehydrated skin is lacking in moisture (water) and can cause by many other skin conditions.

Oily skin, as well as dry skin can be dehydrated.

Dehydrated skin is directly affected by the fluid intake of a person. If fluid intake is not correctly maintained daily dehydrated skin will result. Drinking coffee, tea, soft drinks and alcohol will exacerbate dehydrated skin.

Other skin problems such as excess keratinisation (excessive dead skin cells), impaired lymphatic system and accelerated skin ageing can also be caused by dehydrated skin.

Weather conditions directly affect hydration of the skin. In summer when humidity is higher water loss through the skin is minimized. In winter water loss (trans- epidermal water loss) is much greater.

Dehydrated skin can be improved quickly by increasing water intake and with the use of quality skin care containing humectants and glycoaminoglycans (or GAG’s for short). These ingredients include glycerin, sodium PCA, Lactic Acid, Lecithin, Urea and Hyaluronic Acid.

The king of hydrators is Hyaluronic Acid is also known as Sodium Hyaluronate or Hyaluronan. The beauty of this ingredient is that it can hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water. Because Hyaluronic Acid is naturally present in the skin it is a huge bonus to be able to supplement skin topically.

MiSMo Rejuvenating Gel will help improve dehydrated skin tremendously.

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Reduce Appearance of Large Pores

Thursday, April 10, 2014


This is a little trick I picked up recently and it seems to work really well.

Many of us have two problems either at the same time or separately. Large pores and/or clogged pores on the face which usually result from oily skin.

Why don't you try my solution below it has worked for many people - and hopefully will be the solution for you.

The routine:

Once a day for 1 week, exfoliate with a granular exfoliator such as Natural Exfoliator or MicroDerm Resurfacing Cream treatment followed by cleansing with Daily Face Wash which is an Alpha hydroxy acid cleanser.

The grains in Natural Exfoliator or MicroDerm Resurfacing cream will remove dead skin cells which block the pores and the application of an AHA cleanser will further loosen the glue which holds dead cells on the skin surface.

Keep both applications short, only about 20 seconds each. Use only cleanser for your other cleanse of the day.

When exfoliating, remember to be gentle with your skin. The beads in granular exfoliators do the work so you do not need to apply strong pressure to achieve a result.
Avoid using your fingertips. Instead, use the flat part of your fingers to apply exfoliator in circular movements over your face. Pay attention to the folds of the nose where blackheads tend to develop but be super gentle. Irritation will occur if you are not.

After 1 week your face should have a smoother texture with smaller pores and less breakouts.

Give it a try and let us know how you go!

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Benefits of Natural Moisturisers

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Moisturising the skin should be a daily ritual. In a perfect world our skin would not need moisturising but outside forces change this.

So what do we need to look for in a moisturiser that suits your skin?

  • Oils to nourish
  • Hydrators to hold moisture in the skin
  • Rejuvenating ingredients to help reduce lines and wrinkles
  • Essential fatty acids that mimic our own oils to increase skin health
Dry skin needs a higher oil content in the cream.

Combination skin with an oily t-zone needs less oil but still requires some oil and hydrators (humectants) to supply and retain moisture.

Oily skin can work well with special formulations that supply moisturising in an oil free form which keep skin hydrated without oiliness.

We hear "dehydrated" skin used constantly especially from sales assistants on cosmetic counters. All skin types can be dehydrated and this can be caused by different factors.

Dehydrated skin is lacking in moisture (water) - not oil. Often dehydration can be remedied simply by drinking more water. Each cup of coffee, tea or alcohol consumed will dehydrate your skin. A glass of water is required to offset each cup you drink of these beverages.

Ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid, lecithin or glycerin will increase the moisture content held in your skin and impart a dewy plumped appearance to your skin. 
 Hyaluronic Acid is the king of hydrators but often only found in Serums due to the high cost.

Natural oils including macadamia nut oil contain an oil profile very close to human skin. Jojoba has a similar break up of essential fatty acids although it is technically a wax and not an oil. Sweet almond and Apricot kernel oils are also beneficial to the skin. Skin health is greatly improved when these natural oils are included in Natural Moisturiser formulations.

Research has shown Organic Aloe Vera can increase the rate of regeneration of skin cells by many times when used in a generous quantity. Penetration ability of Aloe Vera is legendary.

Problem skin usually has inflammation present. The mineral MSM is perfect for keeping inflammation under control. MSM is organic sulphur (or sulfur) a nutritional supplement originally developed for arthritis and joint pain. Sulphur is present in every cell of the body.  When included in a moisturiser an easy solution to inflammation is achieved.

Like so many products or ingredients, a side benefit emerged early in the life of MSM, and that is the softening of skin. When taken as a powder supplement skin is softer on the whole body not just the face. It works from the inside out. Maybe we should call it Magic MSM. In my opinion it is.

MSM is the catalyst for the MiSMo range. It brings synergy to the union of natural oils, humectants and anti ageing ingredients. Natural Moisturisers also  require the correct pH, a rarely discussed factor in the formulation of a great cream vs a good cream.

Apply your Natural Moisturiser twice a day for optimum benefits and put on that beautiful face for the world to see.

View Our Range of Natural Moisturisers
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How Safe Are Eye Cosmetics?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

We all want to look our best - but at what cost to our skin and eyes?

Our eyes are one of the most delicate and sensitive organs of the human body and need protecting. How safe is eye make-up and what steps can we undertake in our beauty routine to protect our eyes?

What Is In Eye Make-up?
You will find numerous ingredients on the back of your eyeshadow, eye liner and mascara most of which will be fine for your skin but may harm your eyes.  Try to avoid products that contain mercury, lead and parabens. Eye make-up is generally made from talc, mica, colorants, kohl, sericite, silica and preservatives.  Some of these ingredients are known carcinogens if inhaled and can also be very drying and may cause allergic reactions. Always try to choose a natural product to reduce allergies and potential damage to your sensitive eyes and eye area. 

A La Naturale
It's important to make healthier choices with our cosmetic products especially those being applied daily to the sensitive eye area.  Choose products with natural, organic or hypo-allergenic ingredients -many skin problems, such as dermatitis, irritations and allergies may disappear once petroleum or synthetic ingredients are removed from your skin care regimen. Using fully natural products can contribute to healthy skin and a healthy body in the long term.

Healthy Tips
*Always remove your make-up -no matter how tired you are use a gentle cleanser or microfibre face cloth to cleanse the eye area. Leaving eye make-up on can lead to eye infections, blocked tear ducts and dry or irritated eyes.
*If in doubt throw it out-don't use products past their expiry dates.
*Don't forget the lid-Always place lids back on your cosmetics to avoid product deterioration and bacteria.
*No Sharing - sharing cosmetics can lead to spread of bacterial infection from one person to another
*Avoid Kohl liners - these may contain dangerous levels of lead

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How MSM Will Help Your Sports Injuries

Friday, March 14, 2014

So What Is MSM?

MSM or its full name, Methyl Sulfonyl Methane is a crystalline powder supplement, a source of Organic Sulphur.  MSM is a pain relief and general wellness supplement which is easily absorbed by the body.  MSM is neither a drug nor a medicine, but a naturally occurring nutrient that provides the body with essential sulfur and methyl groups that are used in the healing and repair processes. 

How Does It Help Sports Injuries?

According to the foremost expert on MSM, Stanley W. Jacob, M.D., the substance, when taken as a supplement, exerts potent anti-inflammatory activity, stops pain impulses and muscle spasm, and improves blood supply. MSM strengthens the collagen and the other connective tissue in the joints, it also allows the body to heal faster by making the tissues even stronger.  

The body's natural response to an injury is to become swollen and inflamed, the anti-inflammatory aspects of MSM helps diminish this pain and makes the joints feel less inflamed.

MSM has many benefits for sporting injuries:

-Inhibits pain impulses along nerve fibers and thus has an analgesic effect.
-Reduces inflammation and muscle spasm, both of which contribute to lessened pain and soreness.
-Increases blood supply.
-Softens scar tissue.

How Do I Take It?
MSM is a crystalline powder that is water soluble so can be taken dissolved in water or fruit juice.  Up to 80g daily, by mouth, under the care of a GP. From research by Dr Jacob and others however, it appears that 2g to 8g daily is sufficient in normal situations (Such as an immune system booster) reduce or increase as required–taken with vitamin C can improve the effect. The world’s top MSM authority Dr. Jacob has taken 30grams MSM daily for the past 20yrs - no side effects, colds or flu !! 

Avoid MSM tablets, capsules and pills as the majority contain inexpensive and undesirable bulk fillers

Actual Results From Real People!

Hi I recently purchased your MSM Sulfur and I am amazed at the results I'm getting. This is truly a miracle product. I have suffered from back pain for 10 years and after two weeks on MSM I began feeling like I did when I was 15 years old. No pain, lots of energy and very alert. 

In the mornings I'm usually at my worst and with strong back pain and fatigue that compounds from the prior days back pain, I drag myself out of bed and spend the next three hours trying to warm up and wake up. The dull ache stays with me all day.
Now I'm getting up feeling no back pain, I spring out of bed, I'm alert, no more fatigue or grumpy behaviour for the first three hours of the day, I can actually function from the beginning to the end of my day. I feel great.
It's been 6 weeks now and I still can't believe how much it has relieved my back pain not to mention the other benefits. Thank you for such a great product. 
Jamie R, Perth WA

Hi, I started taking MSM powder a few months ago to try and help with joint pains I've had since I was in my teens (a skiing accident) and twenties (a chiropractic manipulation gone wrong). I'm in my thirties now and pain free for the first time in over fifteen years. I'm thrilled with the difference MSM has made for me. – I've no joint pain and it's the middle of winter! (I also take fish oils and have done so for years but they have only ever provided intermittent relief). Thank you so much.

Tania, NSW


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Rosacea Tips

Saturday, March 08, 2014

 Rosacea Tips

Rosacea (pronounced roz-a-sha) is a skin condition without a cure but able to be controlled and improved dramatically.

The most noticeable feature of Rosacea is a red face particularly in the t-zone.  Broken capillairies known also as surface veins or spider veins are common to sufferers.  Another curse can be pimples, cysts or acne.  This acne is different to the type common in young people.

 For dramatic improvement in redness, veins and blemishes follow these tips: 





  • IPPL (Intense pulse Laser Light) is an excellent way to remove redness and veins when performed by a competent practioner (ask Doctor about Medicare Rebate)

  • Exfoliate very regularly either with creams containing particles or micro-dermabrasion or hydro-dermabrasion. (rosacea causes extra thick layers of dead cells which lead to blockages and pimples)

  • Use skin products formulated for Rosacea (these must contain ingredients to reduce inflammation, calm, strengthen the skin barrier, heal skin barrier, keep pores clear)

  • Take supplements to help alleviate the symptoms of Rosacea – Vitamin A, MSM Powder, Cod Liver Oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin C Powder)

  • Protect your face from the sun using either mineral makeup for females or sunscreen if tolerated

Rosacea can have a damaging effect on self-esteem and confidence in men and women.  For women it is easy to cover the face.  Mineral makeup is the best development for this.  A small amount of mineral powder which takes a minute to apply is pure magic.

I have had Rosacea for nearly 20 years and suffered the embarrassment of redness and blemishes for at least 15 years.  A wonderful new MiSMo client at the time, a doctor, changed my life 5 years ago.

About 6 sessions, IPLL removed redness and surface veins from my face, which in turn restored my confidence.

Continual research and trialling different ingredients have led to the closest description of a cure that can be achieved.

Recommended Products: Natural Face Cleanser and Daily Face Wash, Natural Face Exfoliator, Rejuvenating Gel, ACE Vitamin C Serum, New Age Moisturiser

For a more comprehensive Rosacea Article

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Exfoliating or Resurfacing Cream

Monday, March 03, 2014

Exfoliating Cream or Resurfacing cream

what's the difference?

Different names on creams can be very confusing to ordinary souls like myself so that means lots of others scratch their heads too.

Exfoliating cream or exfoliant are the same. Usually this means a cream (often a cleanser) base with the addition of some type of bead. Quality beads are spherical with no rough edges to scratch the skin.

 Exfoliating creams usually have a small granule, which when massaged over the skin goes some way to moving off dead skin cells. Dead cells can be stubborn little devils to move as nature has them glued together to protect the skin.

Dead skin cells tend to make skin look dull and without radiance.

Resurfacing creams are a more heavy duty product. They will often give a result similar to a light peel but an instant result. Beads used in resurfacing creams vary and can include Bamboo (as used by MiSMo), jojoba, polyethylene (a no no these days) or corundum crystals.

The quantity of beads used in resurfacing cream is much higher than in exfoliating cream.

MiSMo Natural Face Exfoliator is suitable for everyday use and polishes the skin. where MicroDerm is a once a week treatment.

Men tend to love the stronger feel of a resurfacing cream. A little tip is to always remember to exfoliate behind the lower part of the ears where dead cells really build up.

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Even Cleopatra Would Love MiSMo Mineral Makeup

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Even Cleopatra Would Love Mismo Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is from ancient times possibly as far back as 3000 BC, minerals where taken from the earth, pulverised with a pumice stone and ground down into fine particles, they where then used for skin decoration. Back then they’d never heard of chemicals, fillers or nasty parabens. Only raw natural ingredients were available and they certainly used them.

In the 1970’s mineral makeup made its come back and now has been around for years, Mineral makeup - this decades “buzz” word is everywhere you go right now, supermarkets, big department stores, pharmacies and the like. As we move through this age we are becoming more health conscious and we are questioning what we are putting in and on our bodies. It can be very confusing as to which brand to buy and then you have to wrap your brain around the ingredient list.

Mineral makeup is available as loose powder, pressed powder in compacts and liquid. The most pure form is always loose powder.

When choosing a mineral makeup it’s not necessarily what’s in the makeup that’s important, but it’s deciphering what’s not in the makeup. You’ll want to know what nasties are included in your little pot of joy and even when you read the words are you up with the scientific lingo.

What to watch for are ingredients such as:

  • -Talc, known to clog pores

  • -Bismuth-Oxychloride (a known irritant that causes acne and makes skin itch)

  • -Parabens used as preservatives. The trouble with parabens is there is a definite causal link to some cancers, definitely one to avoid

  • -Mineral oil a petrochemical made from crude oil, dyes and artificial fragrance

Mismo Mineral Makeup has been researched with the intention of offering a product that’s safe to use and one we can feel proud of.  Containing a list of natural ingredients it’s a true pure product and has many benefits:

  • -as a natural sun protectant

  • -supplies nutrients to heal acne and other skin conditions

  • -it won’t clog your skin

  • -water resistant

Here’s a list of our ingredients and how they help your skin:

  • -Kaolin clay – known as china clay and is great for sun protection, absorbs fats from the skin, refines pores and help clear up breakouts.
  • -Magnesium Myristate – An earth mineral with disinfecting properties and supports the inter-cellular matrix (holds skin together to keep bacteria out and moisture in) aids slip and adhesion.
  • -Titanium Dioxide – A UVA & UVB ray blocker and great for sensitive and rosacea effected skin types, makes makeup water resistant.
  • -Zinc Oxide - Another sunscreen that calms irritation, great for healing.
  • -Iron Oxide – Natural and safe to use colours, and there are heaps of them.
  • Serecites – Aids adhesion and shine which reduces the appearance of fine lines

MiSMo doesn’t contain mineral oils that are disastrous for acne prone skins and there are no nasty side effects because this mineral make up doesn’t contain any chemicals or preservatives.


Mineral makeup is so versatile and can be applied dry with a brush – best for oiler complexions or mixed with our ACE serum to create an oil based formulation suitable for dry skins or mixed with one of our moisturisers for a lovely creamy consistency that glides over your skin for a dewy look.

It’s all possible you can feel marvellous while looking after your skin and not to mention you’ll look sharp doing it.

Before & After – Amazing Coverage of Scars & Pigmentation

View Our Complete Range

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As Smooth As A Baby's Bottom

Friday, February 14, 2014

Why we should Exfoliate?

As we age our skin cell turnover slows down and we end up with dead, dried up, weathered, contact lens shaped skin cells sitting all over our face. This causes a barrier that stops all our delicious serums and nourishing creams penetrating into the deeper layers of our skin, we may as well throw out these little gems as it’s similar to burning wads of cash! What a waste!


By Exfoliating

Not only do we encourage penetration of products but we increase blood and lymph flow to encourage waste removal, unclog pores and even out our skin to generate that luminous effect that only the latest  photo shop could create, and by having smoother skin the light reflects off our faces at an angle that promotes its beauty to others. Did I forget to mention by exfoliating we set the clock back many years to when our cells where rejuvenating at a rate of knots.

There are essentially 3 types of exfoliations                               

Physical - cream like emulsion with an abrasive bead.                           

Chemical - using the Alpha Hydroxy Acids & Beta Hydroxy Acids and usually performed in a salon to penetrate the skin deeply.                                       

Enzyme - dissolves the dead skin cells without friction.

When and how to Exfoliate

For home users once or twice a week will do the trick, using circular movements for at least a minute especially around the nose area. For those hard core chemical and enzyme exfoliates it is recommended you visit your nearest salon.




Natural Face Exfoliator with MSM

Here at MiSMo we are very happy with our New Formulation, a true beautiful silky super gentle exfoliator for your face to remove dead skin cells without harshness, no more dull complexions.

Organic Rice powder from France is a new addition to our ingredient list. This was chosen for its effectiveness without harsh abrasion. The particle is spherical and will not scratch or drag on the skin cells and the rice powder protects the skin barrier unlike other products which cause your skin to become sensitised over time. The rice particle is much finer than the previous bead we used but is just as effective, we also felt that using rice powder is better for our planet and we try to create our products with the best of natures resources and by giving back to her at the same time, no more plastic!. Feel free to use this lovely exfoliator 1-2 times a week to enhance the appearance of your skin. The success is in the feel of your skin after use.


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