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    MiSMo Microfibre Face Mitt

    MiSMo microfibre face mitts remove makeup - including mascara - using only water! No cleanser needed! The most natural way to cleanse your skin.

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    The MiSMo Microfibre Face Mitt is a remarkable new product which removes makeup - including mascara - using only water. It is made from microfibre using the very latest technology.
    Designed to gently exfoliate dead cells and clean pores thoroughly, the MiSMo Face Mitt has many extra benefits.

    • Easy to clean
    • Great gift idea
    • Washable hundreds of times
    • Great for legs and arms too
    • Compact and simple solution to cleansing when travelling or camping
    • Quick make-up removal
    • Preserves the acid mantle of the skin
    • Light exfoliation
    • Removes surface bacteria for acne sufferers
    • Make-up is held like a magnet until washed out

    How many times have you come home from a night out and been too exhausted to go through the rigmarole of removing your make-up? Now you can give your face a quick wipe with a wet mitt, whack on some moisturiser and get to bed! Your skin will thank you.

    Importantly, the acid mantle of the skin is not affected by using MiSMo Face Mitts. If you use a cleanser that is too alkaline on your face, your skin will feel tight and sometimes even sting when dried. That means the acid mantle has been stripped – something that should always be avoided. MiSMo products are all designed with hydration and skin health in mind, and will maintain your skin's natural pH level. Many soaps have a high pH.

    Skin prone to acne will also benefit from using a MiSMo Mitt. It removes surface bacteria and stimulates blood circulation and regeneration of new cells. Often acne skins are very sensitive to any creams but they need excess surface oils and daily pollution removed, so the MiSMo Microfibre Face Mitts are a great solution. If you're after a two-pronged attack we have had excellent reports of calming and reduced inflammation from people using our MiSMo Cell Soother on spots.

    Also ideal for men of all ages, MiSMo Mitts are a great idea for tradesmen or farmers who are exposed to dust and dirt during the day and are too 'blokey' to consider using cleanser. If your man complains of the negative effects of clogged skin or the drying effects of soap, buy him a MiSMo Face Mitt – it will fix his problems without insulting his masculinity.

    Makeup artists and beauty therapists find MiSMo Mitts a great help for quick removal of make up and spills while working. They are also a great solution when traveling or camping.

    Cleaning your MiSMo Mitt is as simple as giving it a quick wash in the sink with soap, rinsing well, wringing out and hanging in the bathroom to dry (clothes dryers are a no-no but if you give it a wave over with a warm hair dryer it will dry more quickly). They are completely reusable and can be washed hundreds of times - just think of the amount of money you'll save on cleanser!

    The MiSMo Mitts have been made exclusively for MiSMo Body Care and are only available from the MiSMo website or from our agents.

    MiSMo Face Cloths are also available.
    The MiSMo Mitt is made from microfibre using the very latest technology. The fibres are infinitely finer than a human hair. The secret of the best microfibre is in the splitting of fibres which enables the fabric to remove and hold make-up, daily pollution and grease until it is washed.
    The MiSMo Microfibre Face Mitt removes make-up incredibly easily. Simply wet the mitt, squeeze out the excess water and wipe away! When one side of the mitt is heavy with makeup, turn and finish removal with the clean side. No cleanser, no time consuming routine, no fuss! Plus, they are especially good for removing eye makeup, as you don't have to use any oily preparations or soap that can irritate the skin or get in your eyes. Just remember to be gentle with the eye area and not pull at the skin.

    Although the mitts work wonderfully with just water, you can use also use them in combination with our MiSMo Natural Facial Cleanser for even easier makeup removal. Plus, the gentle massaging action supplied by the mitt helps to stimulate blood circulation and cell renewal. Our Cleanser and Exfoliator also contain oils and other beneficial ingredients to hydrate the skin.

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